Day 67- Diabetes Action and Mr. Schuester's Shenanigans

Last year... Nestle Tollhouse
This year.... Diabetes Action

Connection made?  It works in my head in a roundabout kind of way.

Their focus
  • Alternative and complementary research
  • Grants for nutritional research
  • Promising research to find a cure for diabetes
  • Innovative research to prevent and treat diabetes
  • International medical assistance
  • Children's camp scholarship program
  • Education and prevention programs
Donate.  Just do it.

Tonight's Glee, although enjoyable, was a bit inapproriate for much of its young audience.  By a bit, I mean a whole lot.  There were a few shining moments that I couldn't help but laugh at, though.
1. Mr. Schue got a little tipsy and graded papers.  This completely cracked me up.  He was giving an A+ to each and every student, regardless of the other comments he was making.  He got to one paper, paused, and said, "Who are you?  I don't even know you!"  Maybe it's a teacher thing, and maybe I'm a bit tired (remember what "a bit" really means tonight), but the whole thing was just hilarious.
2. Mr. Schue accidentally drunk dialed Sue and left a message intended for Emma.  It was funny.  I promise.
As always, I loved everything about Brittany.  Every word and expression that comes from her is fabulously funny.  Beyond that, she is an amazing dancer.  Tonight she got to take center stage and really shine again.  It was also a clever move to have her singing Kesha because she looks kind of like her... it was even funnier when the principal introduced Kesha as "Key-dollar sign- ha!"  Is that just me?
Thank you, Schuester's Shenanigans, you made my day.   


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