Day 105- Boy Scouts of America and Silly T-shirt Day

Since I was thankful for holding class outdoors last year, I thought I'd donate to some kind of outdoor education today.  The Boy Scouts seem to fit this bill well!  I made my donation to our local troop, and I hope that it will help a scout earn a badge... or maybe it can help pay for a badge... I just like the whole badge thing :)


Sometimes when I get a bit exasperated at work, I wonder "In what other career would someone have to deal with this kind of stuff?"

Today, as I wore Tom's "Ice ice baby... too cold" t-shirt (with two bags of ice and a baby saying "too cold") for Silly T-Shirt Day, I thought the same thing.  Who else gets to do that?  I love our silly little dress up days. 

Thank you, Silly T-Shirt Day, you made my day.


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