Day 112- Binder Park Zoo and Trivia Night

Last year= folders and binders
This year= Binder Park Zoo

"Binder Park Zoo is located outside of Battle Creek, Michigan, on 433 acres of natural forests and wetlands. In the past 33 years, we have grown to be one of the leading cultural attractions in the region. Binder Park Zoo was created on the model of an entrepreneurial self-supporting nonprofit organization, and is managed by a zoological society board of directors.


Binder Park Zoo’s mission is to nurture empathy, understanding, and conservation of nature."


Instead of falling asleep on the couch while watching my stories this Friday night, Tom and I took a friend up on his offer to join a trivia night tonight.  People in this area loooooooove trivia nights!  I believe this may be my first official trivia night (you know, one that's not just Trivial Pursuit at home).  It's about time.  Perhaps this was one of the last steps to being an official resident here.

I can see why people around here really enjoy these nights.  Who doesn't like food, friends, and fun?  We enjoyed lots of good dips and lots of good laughs.  Our entrance fee went to a good cause and was almost like a second donation today, one that will help send teens on a mission trip to inner city Chicago.  The only downside was that we didn't win anything.  I reallllly like to win.  And we didn't win anything.  Nothing at all.  I suppose that just means we'll have to make it to another trivia night soon. :)

Thank you, trivia night, you made my day.


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