Day 114- Broadway Lullaby and Strawberry Cake

I went to see some of my students in a school play last year.  I must admit that I went solely for the purpose of supporting my kids, and I did not expect to get a lot out of the experience myself.  This doesn't happen all that often, but... I was wrong.  It was thoroughly entertaining, and I loved it.  It meant a lot to my students that I was there, so it meant a lot to me too.

 The donation I'll be making in connection to last year's post is to this year's play.  I'm at a different school with different kids, but this whole formula works in the same way.  I'll buy a couple of tickets to "Broadway Lullaby" go show my kids that I care about them and the things they're involved in.  I'll chat with them about how much I enjoy it afterwards, and we'll all feel good and happy.

The funny thing is that I almost feel as if I'm cheating.  Even though this is a "donation" of my time and money, I always seem to get as much out of it all as the kids do.  I don't think they have any idea how talented they are. 

What are you doing to support the kids in your area?  How do they know that you care? 


Trisha Yearwood and I collaborated on a strawberry cake this evening.  I need to pad myself with that cake about as much as Trisha needs to pad her bank account with the money from her cookbook sales.  Even so, it was delicious, and I am not one bit sorry.  I'll be enjoying that cake alllll week long.  There are strawberries in it... that makes it better, right?

I didn't take a picture, but mine looks a lot like this... minus the fanciness.  Trisha is my food soulmate.

Thank you, strawberry cake, you made my day.


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