Day 123- Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis and Tom's Guacamole

I was delighted to soothe my aching muscles last year after a long weekend of hauling mulch and soil and fountains and trees and whatever else those HD customers asked me to.

My donation today was to an organization that helps people with MS, a disease that causes far worse aches and pains than I could ever imagine.

"Our mission is to cure Multiple Sclerosis

We will not be content with simply finding ways to slow the disease or treat symptoms. Curing means preventing the disability caused by MS, permanently stopping the progress of MS, and repairing the damage already caused in patients with MS.

As quickly as possible

Speed and effectiveness of finding a cure are much more important than other outcomes such as growth, wealth creation, and publicity (for the organization or any individuals involved with it).

By concentrating on finding the causes of MS

The logical route to a cure will come from determining the causes of MS."

Neither one of us in this house liked guacamole.  Well, we thought we didn't.  It turns out that we do.  Both of us.  Since we are both new lovers of the mushy green stuff, Tom decided to make his own from scratch to go with some fajitas I was cooking.  It required all kinds of chopping and ingredients and all kinds of hassle for him.  He just kept saying, "This better be good!"

It was.

Soooo good.  I meant to get a picture of him with his masterpiece, but we were too busy stuffing our faces with it for me to remember this step.  Let it just be known that it was absolutely delicious, and Tom has learned a new trick.

Thank you, Tom's guacamole, you made my day.


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