Day 108- Saint Louis Zoo and Posters from Poopi

Ok, I'm stretching today.  I'll admit that.  See if you can follow...

Outback saved our Easter dinner on this day last year by being open when I got out of work.  The Outback (like the real region in Australia) has a ton of animals.  The Saint Louis Zoo has a ton of animals as well.

Um, yes.  I donated to the St. Louis Zoo today.  This connection may be weird and loose, but I don't think anyone being sent my money is complaining. :)


I love getting catalogs because I point out all of the things I wish for to Tom and turn down corners on pages.  Even though these catalogs usually end up in the recycling bin with the corners still turned down and nothing to show for it, I feel as if I'm "shopping" when I obsess over the contents for a week or so anyway.

When I got home today, Tom gave me a box that had arrived in the mail.  I told him that I had not ordered anything, and he smiled.  The contents of the box were three posters I had turned down corners for recently.

I blogged about seeing this poster in another teacher's classroom last year and how much I liked it.  I own it now and can't wait to hang it in my room.

You know I adore this.  I hope my room feels this way on the inside!

I mean... c'mon, that's just funny!

On top of loving the posters, I love the fact that Tom went out of his way to do something so nice and thoughtful.  It turns out you actually can teach an old Tom new tricks.  I sure do like that Poopi.

Thank you, posters from Poopi, you made my day.


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