A Promise

I promise I will catch up soon.  It has been a long couple of days!!

In the meantime, I have a request.  If you are the praying type, will you please pray for my students?  A few of them are going through things that are far too heavy for eighth graders to be dealing with... or for anyone to be dealing with, for that matter.  It's been a rough few days, and I want more than anything for them to come out of all this strong and shiny.

I probably care about these kids more than I should, but I can't help it.  The day I stop thinking about these kids day and night is the day I should find myself a new profession.  I just hope they know how much I want for them to be happy, well-adjusted people.  If these people report back to me in the future about their successes, I will be over the moon.  My students will impact this world in one way or another, so I fight every day for them to make the right choices and to overcome everything that is thrown at them.  It seems to be a lot these days.  Yet, I never have any doubt about whether or not this battle is worth fighting. 

I think it was time for bed a few hours ago, so my soapbox will have to be put away for another one of these rainy days we've been having. 

God bless, and thanks for thinking of my kids.  It really does take a village.


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