Day 120- Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and Chick-fil-A

I wrote about a joyful boy jumping off the bus and bounding home.  His joy was infectious and made my day. 

I donated to a different type of transportation today.  The ITDP "works in cities around the world to bring about transportation solutions that are environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. ITDP primarily focuses on work in the following program areas: public transport, cycling & walking, traffic reduction, sustainable urban development, and climate & transport policy. ITDP is at the forefront of efforts to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, enhance social equity, and improve the quality of urban life."

In short, I think the ITDP wants everyone to enjoy riding the bus as much as little guy last year.  I want to help :).


I had my first ever Chick-fil-A sandwich today.  One just opened up down the road right next to my old Home Depot store, and we couldn't wait to drive it.  After driving by on meatless Friday and looking longingly at the new restaurant, we resolved to go today.

Let's just say this... now I see what all the fuss is about.  That stuff is like fair food, but it's excellent fair food.  The lemonade... the waffle fries... the chicken sandwiches... mmmm...

Thank you, Chick-fil-A, you made my day.



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