Day 118- BMS Kids and 2nd Hour

It's all about the kids again.  Yesterday's donation plus the breakfast donation I have made to the kids testing in my room all week were a whole lot more than my regular sum.  We've snacked on apples, granola bars, and juice boxes for the past three days.  It's amazing how much the attitude of a kid who needs to eat can change once he or she is given something to munch on! 

Are you involved in your local schools?  What might you be able to bring to the table (literally and figuratively)?

I adore my second hour.

They are fun and cute and smart.  I know that I can always expect them to buy into whatever we're doing.  There's always someone raising a hand and someone sharing an insight and someone doing something goofy that I know I should be mad about but can't help but laughing at anyway.  I started a mental list, which we plan on turning into a real list, that I share with my second hour often.  I told them that it's called "Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say as a Teacher."  Maybe I'll share it on here sometime once we create a hard copy.  In any case,  my second hour students pride themselves on the fact that they make the list more than anyone else.

I've always said that I'd much rather have a class with crazy personalities than one that sits quietly staring at me with that open-mouthed blank look that makes me uncomfortable.  There is no shortage of personality with these little lovelies.  There are a million examples I could share about what a unique, hilarious, fabulous bunch they are, but

a. I want to be careful to protect the privacy of my kids and don't want to say too much, and
b. I'm falling asleep sitting up.

I'll end with this.  True to form, this class has completely gotten into the whole boot camp thing.  I am pleased to say that they might just be as amused by me as I am by them.  When I walked into my classroom this morning, they all stood up and saluted me simultaneously.   

I heart those kids.  I'm going to miss them.

Thank you, second hour, you made my day.


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