Days 127 and 128- United Way Tornado Relief and Easter Weekend

United Way Tornado Relief Fund

What started out as some thunderstorms in the area over the past few days turned into something much worse.  The greater St. Louis area was ravaged by a series of tornadoes that brought golf ball sized hail with them and left behind a trail of destruction.  Our airport was shut down because of shattered windows and massive damage to terminals and runways alike.  Tom and I were shocked to see the footage on the news of the devastation surrounding us. 

We had some bad storms at our house.  However, it was not nearly as serious as what we were seeing.  In fact, we had joked around about it all.  I laughed at Tom and said, "The weatherman told us to stay inside and seek cover.  What you heard was, 'Go outside to see how awesome the storm is.'"  We were lucky. 

People here got hit, and they got hit hard.  A lot of this happened just miles away from us.  Again, we absolutely could not believe the images we were seeing.  Other than a big swamp in our backyard and the constant rain (seriously, it has been happening for a week straight), we have been unaffected.  We're in the middle of all of it, but we have been so blessed.

It's crazy to see storms like these happen at all.  It really makes you believe that there is something bigger, doesn't it?  What is even more incredible is that not a single person... not one person... was killed.  It's an Easter miracle!  This does not mean, however, that everyone is fine.  That's why I made my donation for this weekend to the United Way of STL Tornado Relief Fund.  I hope that others will follow suit to help my community recover and pick up the pieces.

Speaking of the rain...

Our activities this weekend were somewhat limited.  Because there was constantly some kind of warning crawling along the bottom of the tv screen (no joke), we didn't leave the house a whole lot.  We did have a lovely, relaxing weekend, however. 

A few highlights...

Our church was PACKED this morning.  I feel about Easter/Christmas church the way Tom feels about January gym attendance.  Where did all of these people come from?  I only wish that we would continue to pack in like sardines year round.  There's something so incredibly powerful about a full church singing a hymn.  It was really nice.  I hope that everyone comes back next week.


    We made my family's traditional Easter punch.  Unfortunately, no one spiked it.  There's always next year...

I'm not a big fan of deviled eggs anymore, but they make my Poopi happy.  I like to make him his happy.

We made baked brie for the first time, and it was delicious!  When an attempt at a bow failed, we tried for a heart on top.  Yeah...

Please disregard my cooking side ponytail and the sink full of dishes.  Instead, definitely direct your attention to the glazed ham, the green onion cheddar muffins, the spinach salad with berries and candied walnuts, the sun-dried tomato whipped mashed potatoes, and the country carrots with bacon.  These are much fancier than everything I've got going on.

Check out my ham and his ham.  What a fabulous combination! 

Happy Easter!

Thank you, Easter weekend, you made my day.


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