Day 115- WaterAid America and Teacher's Husband

Last year I was singing the praises of iced tea and heralding it as thee supreme refreshing summer beverage.  Today I have also enjoyed my daily lunch Mountain Dew, copious amounts of water, and my first glass of Oberweiss lemonade of the season.  This is a blessing.

My donation today has been made to WaterAid America.  Having constant access to safe, fresh water is something that many of us, myself included, take for granted.  I have enjoyed liquid refreshment in just about every form today.  Other people go days, weeks, months, and even lifetimes without this privilege, but WaterAid is working to make access to this most basic of needs a reality for many people.  Here's what they have to say in the "What We Do" section of their website:

WaterAid enables the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water and sanitation. Together with improved hygiene, these basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty.

We work with local partners, who understand local issues, and provide them with the skills and support to help communities set up and manage practical and sustainable projects that meet their real needs.

We also work locally and internationally to change policy and practice and ensure that water, hygiene and sanitation's vital role in reducing poverty is recognized.


Welcome to "You Know You're a Teacher's Husband When..."  Past episodes have included such items as

"... you go to a school play or sporting event in which you know none of the participants." AND
"... you know what PLCs and IEPs are, and you can't wait for the MAP to be over."

Today's List

You know you're a teacher's husband when...

... you get roped into spending an hour after work helping to cover posters to prepare for standardized testing.  And helping to make spreadsheets.  And helping to move and straighten and clean and...
... you eat dinner at 8 to work around your wife's 14 hr. day... or was it 16 hours and 9?  Depends on the day, but you're fine either way.  You're flexible...
... and then you become a sounding board for ideas after dinner.
... you open your wallet for juice boxes, apples, and granola bars that you will never eat yourself.
... you are known by the 13-16-year-old population of your community as "Mrs. Ferri's husband".
... you have placed an order with Argus.
... you know how many Chlorox wipes it takes to clean thirty desks.

"Teacher's husband" may not be as glamorous as "doctor's wife" or "billionaire", but this teacher's husband sure is appreciated!  Tom, thank you for being awesome.  Thanks for supporting me in my career and for always being willing to pitch in to help me create my ridiculous visions.  I literally couldn't do what I do without you.

Thank you, teacher's husband, you made my day.


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