Day 122- Water=Hope and THE Picture

Since I wrote about the ACMs last year, I thought this year I'd donate to a charity that one of my favorite country stars supports.  Braid Paisley won the ACM for best male vocalist, so I investigated where his own funds go.  It turns out that he's a major supporter of the Water=Hope campaign.  This means that I am now a minor supporter of this campaign.  Here's what they do:

A small drop can have a huge ripple. Clean water = healthier life. Healthier lives = productive communities.  Water = hope. It's as simple as that.

Access to clean water combats extreme poverty, global disease, economic instability, and political stability. In keeping with the mission of HTHH, clean water is a currency for peace around the world.

Your donation will go to building wells, providing water purification systems, and addressing sanitation issues both in the United States and around the world.


I enjoy students with character.  It's great if they're smart and even better if they're instantly respectful, but I can work on both of those things.  What I can't do is give a kid personality.  When a student comes into my room with his or her own little unique thing going on, that pleases me.

One student fits this bill so well that I've already written about her silliness.  She continues to add to the funny on a daily basis.  She gave me a picture recently, THE picture, that pushed her from hilariously wonderful into full-fledged pure awesome.  I wish I could post it, but clearly that would not be appropriate.  I'm not sure that any description will do it justice.  She had it taken during the second session of pictures here a month or two ago.  These pictures are not included in the yearbook (those were taken at the beginning of the year).  Rather, these photos are another opportunity for parents to spend money and to add another photo to the wallet that others will pretend to look at and ooooh and ahhhh over. 

This particular student purposefully took the goofiest picture she could.  Her hair has clearly been shaken, her glasses are off kilter, one of her eyes is closed... it's just all kinds of ha ha.  She showed me the proof when she got them back, and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  The amazing thing is that she actually got her parents to order these pictures, and she gave me one last week.  I love it.

I was having a moment of frustration yesterday... but then I saw it... THE picture.  I started cracking up right then and there and got over it.  Simple as that.

Thank you, THE picture, you made my day.


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