Day 200- Oberweis Lemonade

Oh, bad poetry, it's been a while...

Lemonade, My Day Was Made

It was time to get my fix
of that lemon, sugar, water mix.
As I strolled around the juicy section,
I felt a sudden love connection.

It would have been easier to rhyme
had I chosen Country Time,
but the one that looked so nice
was a big glass jar of Oberweis.

And love it was right from the start
it was just right-both sweet and tart.
Man, this stuff did quench my thirst.
I drank so much I almost burst!

Don't worry, though, I won't be sad
once all the lemonade's been had.
I'll keep on my happy face
when I turn that big ol' jar into a vase!

Thank you, Oberweis lemonade, you made my day.


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