Day 201- Yellow Bedding

We moved into this, our very first house, about two and a half years ago.  We had lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Seattle for a few years and then a hotel here while we were house shopping.  Most of what we owned fit into a few big suitcases.  When we walked in on our first day of home ownership... well, we found a leaky toilet and a flooded bathroom, freaked out, and wondered what in the world we had gotten ourselves into.  After that, we realized that we only had enough stuff to fill about one room in the house.

I was excited to have multiple bedrooms because I have always wanted to have a cute guest room of my own.  I think part of this comes from wanting to have my own place that is big enough to actually have a guest room.  Another part of it has to do with wanting guests and visitors to cook for and entertain.  I love playing hostess.  I think the last part probably has to do with my obsession with Pottery Barn catalogs/Pier 1 sales/Target wanders.

When we started to furnish this house, we made a list of all kinds of different things that we'd need to buy and projects we'd like to do.  I then turned this list into a notebook organized by priorities, categories, and color-coded post-it notes.  It is a work of art.  The notebook was also translated into an excel spreadsheet.  This is also quite beautiful.  Between the notebook and the spreadsheet, we gathered that we would need to find lots of sales and cut a few corners to really make our house our pride and joy.

One extra bedroom was turned into Tom's man cave, and the other became my special project.  It was thrilling to find some lovely looking bedding at Target for my guest room of dreams... especially because of the red tags that let me know it would come in well under my budget.  However, when I got home and made the bed up in the prettiest possible way with what I had, I realized that I had been wearing sale goggles (you know, like beer goggles).  It turns out that the price was a lot more attractive than the purchase itself.  I'm a sucker for a good sale.  It's not that what I got was ugly.  It was ok.  It would do.  I checked it off the spreadsheet, wrote down the details in the notebook, and moved on down the list.  Yet, every time I would get a new home catalog, I would sigh as I pictured the darling guest room I still hoped to have. 

Two and a half years later, I finally replaced



It's prettier than it looks, I promise.  There are sheets with polka dot details and a coverlet with pretty embroidery, and I'm hoping to find some nice looking accent pillows tomorrow.  I'm delighted to have such bright and cheery new things, and my flower-filled Oberweis vase will look just wonderful on the table next to the bed.  I must admit that I may tire of this in a few months and replace it in a few more years.  It's not that I'm fickle... I just love to decorate!  For now, though, I am happy :).

Thank you, yellow bedding, you made my day.



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