Day 203- Rain

Dear Rain,

I have been looking forward to your visit for quite some time now.  I patiently waited for days as the weatherman promised your return with no results.  I watched my lawn brown and tamed my frizzy hair in the 90 (yes-- literally) percent humidity.   

At long last, we met again today.  First thing this morning, I was delighted to find you soaked into the back steps when I let General out.  You were kind enough to let up so the lawn could be mowed and some errands could be run.  When we could no longer stand the humidity, you came back to greet us on the way out of the grocery store.  I wasn't even mad.

It was good to see you again.  My lawn and I would like to thank you for your assistance and for the enchanting times we spent with one another today.  We hope see you again sometime next week!



Thank you, rain, you made my day.


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