Day 215- Granite Countertops

The Evolution of Our Kitchen

Step 1- Move in condition

Step 2- Holiday by holiday, we replaced each appliance with shiny new stainless steel.  We also added in pretty new light fixtures and curtains.  We bought a temporary island cart that eventually required minor surgery (the leg is stapled together) and collected dust and dog hair quickly.

Step 3- Granite countertops!  Today we finally replaced the old turquoiseish laminate counters.  This also means a new faucet, a new undermount sink (yay! it was free), and a new garbage disposal that makes a lot less noise (we're hooking up the plumbing tomorrow because we had to wait 24 hrs. for everything to seal).  We also now have a permanent island that will be wired with an outlet for cooking ease :). 

Steps 4-5 will involve us tiling in a backsplash and replacing the sliding glass doors out to the patio area.  We're so excited about how everything is coming together, and this will making cooking/cleaning up that much easier and more fun.  Never in a million years did I think that I could get so excited over stainless steel appliances and fancy countertops, but I am thrilled.  Yessssssssssss.

Thank you, granite countertops, you made my day.


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