Day 213- Immanuel Lutheran Church Van Kids

I was driving home on 70 after a fabulous weekend in Kansas City with Miss Rebecca Morello, a great hostess and an even better friend.  Because of the fabulousness of the weekend, I was quite tired, and the fatigue of a long drive was setting in.  The monotony was broken by an Immanuel Lutheran church van cutting me off in order to swing around and pass a semi.  Luckily, I don't road rage at all.  If anything, I was thankful to have a jolt to my system to wake me up. 

As I stared at the long road ahead, the miles ticking away on the GPS, and the surprisingly pretty Missouri scenery, I suddenly noticed something else.  It was a sign.  No, not a sign from God.  A sign from God's children.  In the van window.  Written in marker.

Lint Licker, it said.

I chuckled.  We carried on for another mile.  Then, a new sign.

Frisk me!

I was laughing out loud now.  I couldn't see the kids, just their hands and their silly signs.  After a few miles, the van switched back over to the right hand lane.  As I booked by in the left lane, I looked over to try to catch a glimpse of the little comedians who had entertained me for the last five miles, and I saw one last sign.

Honk for Jesus.  Honk honk.  It was the least I could do.

Thank you, Immanuel Lutheran Church van kids, you made my day.


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