Day 209- Whispers and Lies

I was couchbound in the dark for the day with a terrible headache.  I started to get bored, but I felt as if I had whacked my head on a balance beam (yes, I know that feeling all too well) every time I tried to get up to do anything.  I finally decided to turn on the tv and risk the extra pain behind my eyes in order to cure my restlessness.  That's when I found it.

Whispers and lies may seem like a silly thing to enjoy, but you have to understand that this was Whispers and Lies, the Lifetime movie.  It was so awesomely bad that it was kind of awesome.  Usually my favorite Lifetime movies involve beauty queens or cheerleaders or Texas or babysitting (or sometimes a combinations of all of the above).  While none of these things were present, Whispers and Lies had all the makings of a classic LMN movie. 

First, the star of the movie was once-popular-t.v.-actress-turned-only-relevant-now-in-People-magazine-weight-loss-articles Melissa Joan Hart.  The synopsis begins, "Fantasy Island? More like Nightmare Island! When Jill and her cousin Patti go to visit what looks at first to be a quaint, picturesque isle, it turns out to be an eerie, demented community."  I mean, how awesome does that sound?  The plot was predictable, and the movie ended with suddenly with a neat little cheesy moral bow tied around it about living the rest of your life to the fullest.  The movie also had an insignficant sidekick and a romance with a slightly attractive unknown actor.  Classic.  I also greatly appreciated that since it was a "thriller," the lighting was often dark and easy on my eyes.  I couldn't ask for much more.   

"Night of the living dud" you say, anonymous IMDb user?  I think not.

Thank you, Whispers and Lies, you made my day.


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