Day 204- Visitors

THEN:  When we were living in Seattle, our tiny 600some square foot apartment, 11 month long rainy season, and red-eye flight necessitating distance from friends and loved ones did not exactly reel in the visitors.  The beauty of the city and the fresh seafood just weren't enough of a draw. 

NOW: We live just a short flight or a long/semi-long drive away from most of our favorite people.  We live in the same time zone as a lot of family, and we're close enough to the others that they don't have to "get used to it" during a visit.  We have guest rooms and fun midwestern excursions and close proximity to a city that people seem to end up in for one business or pleasure reason or another.

WHAT THIS MEANS:  Visitors!  Tonight our second visitors of the summer arrived (the first being Miss Ashley on her way down to TX).  My parents and Grandma Katie are here to play for the weekend.  We get to play host/hostess and use some of the extra rooms that we don't have much use for otherwise.  We get to see my family.  We get to show my grandma around our house and our town... something I wasn't sure I'd ever get to do.  We get to do some touristy things that we never do since we live here (although we're done with the Arch... been there done that... but we would do the beer tour again... five more times...)

ACTIVITIES PLANNED: Wine tasting, fireworks at home, Brazilian steakhouse, Main Street and old downtown, games, lounging, cocktail hour, school driveby, etc. etc.

FEELINGS: Joy. Excitement.

Thank you, visitors, you made my day. 


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