Day 217- Christy B.

Wahoo!  I tackled my classroom for the first time today.  I moved mass quantities of furniture around and out of the room.  I rearranged desks.  I tore down old, faded posters.  I rearranged large file cabinets.  I moved tables.  I rearranged bookcases.  Christy was there in the trenches with me the whole time, my furniture lifting and idea bouncer offer partner. 

Christy is my cohort on the other eighth grade team, and she has already been such a wonderful resource.  As I begin to plan for this next year, I continuously find myself wondering who in the world is going to tell me things and how I will figure out the things that no one thinks to share.  I have found, in many cases already, that the answer is Christy.  We have already done a lot of collaboration and planning.  We've spent time chatting about all things teaching related and the intricacies of our school.  Christy has even agree to help me plan my first ever float trip next summer to fulfill a future goal (side note: float trips are THE thing to do in MO, and I MUST go on one in order to really be a cool kid in these parts).  Today, she helped me move all kinds of heavy stuff, worked with me to get a bunch of our planning done, and took me to a fabulous teacher store.   

It is so nice to know that I have someone who is looking out for me and helping me along the way.  I know that this is not always the case in all teams and all schools, and I will not take it for granted.  I have a feeling that Christy will enjoy a lot of baked goods in her future, and there will be new teachers and student teachers in the future who will have Christy to thank when I pay her kindness forward.

Thank you, Christy B., you made my day. 


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