Day 206- Meatfest

I admire vegetarians.  I really do.  I love and appreciate animals, and I appreciate all efforts made to give them long and happy lives.

That being said, I also love meat.  I just can't allow myself to make the connection between the animals running around and my dinner plate.

We had the ultimate meatfest tonight.  We made another trip to Bacana, a Brazilian style steakhouse.  At this fine establishment, there are men circling the restaurant with skewers of all different kinds of meat-- sirloin, garlic steak, pork, brisket, bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, and more.  There's also a fully loaded salad and side dish bar, and there are grilled bananas and pineapple.  Each table has a little card with "yes" in green on one side and "no" in red on the other.  As the men circle with their skewers, you turn the card to yes if you're looking to score some meat and no if you're full and/or taking a rest.  Our card was on yes for quite some time.

Needless to say, I left looking happy and three-four months pregnant.  In reality, I was just that happy part. 

Thank you, meatfest, you made my day. 


Tom said…
We both had some lovely food babies!
Diane said…
oh man... for a second there I was about to spread the rumors of rainbow ferri gracing our presence.

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