Day 205- Montelle Winery

I don't usually even like wine very much, unless it is from a box.  I do not have the most sophisticated adult beverage tastes.  However, how could I resist this?

We took a winding, scenic drive out to Augusta today to the Montelle Winery.  We started with a tasting, and it turns out that there are actually quite a few wines that I like after all.  I usually go for the sweet and fruity stuff, and that's a lot harder to find in restaurant type situations.  However, today... jackpot!  I had a little something peachy, a little raspberry, a good dose of sweetness, and even a wine that tasted like Christmas.  Seriously, it had a Santa Claus on it, was named St. Wenceslaus, and tasted like the smell of Christmas.  This was confirmed by the gentleman pouring my drinks, and he said that people heat it in a crockpot around the holidays to drink and add fragrance to their houses.  Christmas in July!

After the tasting, we bought an entire case of wine between the five of us (Mom, Dad, Grandma Katie, Tom, and I) and took two of the bottles onto the patio with us for lunch.  I forgot to bring the camera, but someone else kindly posted this image on Google of the amazing views from the patio out back.


As we drank our new favorite wines and feasted on fine pizzas and cheeses, we also had a great view of multiple drunken bachelorette parties.  Fabulous.  The people watching in general was plentiful and satisfying.  To top it all off, there was a live band, an interesting mixture of awkward and kind of good, depending on the song (Los Lonely Boys... good.  Jethro Tull... not so great).  One of the men even pulled out a flute.  Jazz flute, anyone?

We finished lunch with brownies and chocolate, which paired quite nicely with our raspberry wine.  Between the cool breeze, the beautiful scenery, and the delectable lunch spread, I forgot where I was-- surely this place couldn't be less than 30 minutes from our house.  I can't imagine a better way to spend this Saturday afternoon.

Thank you, Montelle Winery, you made my day.   


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