Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 214- Taco Night

I fancy myself a blossoming cook.
I cook from books with stuff from Schnuck's.

I make other things without recipes.
I improvise and aim to please.

I plan each week's menu carefully.
I love to eat and cook with glee.

I try to add variety and indulge food wishes.
I love to prepare, as long as you do the dishes.

I eat out sometimes but then start itchin'.
I have to get back in the kitchen.

I pretend I'm on a cooking show.
I make reductions and simmer on low.

But... of all the things that I do make,
you'd never guess- for heaven's sake!-
that all it really ever takes
to ice my husband's metaphorical cake

is taco night.

Thank you, taco night, you made my day.