Day 219- Run-ins

I can't wear inappropriately shabby clothing in public anymore.
I have to be more careful about getting accidentally tipsy at Friday night dinners.
I try to go to tween movies (yes, it happens sometimes) after tween curfews have passed.

No, this is not two truths and a lie.  I am happy to say that all of these things are true.  Why?  These are all signs that this strange place that we moved to a few years ago is really starting to feel like home. 

I remember my dad always teasing my mom when I was growing up that we could not go anywhere without her running into someone that she knew.  It was actually miraculous if she only ran into one person that she knew.  It was usually more like five.

Now that we have lived here for a while, and now that I have spent some time teaching, we run into people that we know all over the place.  I ran into one of my coworkers, a social studies teacher, this afternoon at the Daniel Boone historical town of all places.  We stopped there on our way home from winery hopping with the Ferris, and I was surprised to see this guy behind the counter at the gift shop.  It turns out that he's working there over the summer as part of his master's coursework.  So random.  Then, at dinner in the old downtown area, I ran into one of my former students, the one who reminds me of Jonah Hill and used to wear Michigan t-shirts to class.  In the past few months, we've run into people all over the place- restaurants, grocery stores, HD, fireworks stands, etc.  It's fun to see people we know out and about, and it's even better because I feel a real sense of community now.  After growing up in the same little everyone-knows-everyone place my whole life, I wasn't sure if it would be possible to find that kind of situation anywhere else.  I'm pleased to say that we are building our own community here... even if it means I have to be more careful about my alcohol consumption at Red Lobster on Friday nights.

Thank you, run-ins, you made my day.


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