Day 222- Boyd

After a long morning and afternoon of planning and curriculum and state standards, Christy and I took a break for a quick lunch at McDonald's.  As we chatted over chicken nuggets and fries, I noticed that Christy was suddenly distracted, looking inquisitively over my shoulder.

"No, you don't really believe that, do you?"  I turned and saw an older gentleman grinning behind me.  I had no idea who he was or why he had suddenly joined our conversation.

"Oh yes, it's all true," I played along.

I don't remember exactly where he went from there, but Boyd somehow parlayed this into a ten minute conversation filled with jokes, multiple requests for us to keep smiling, and a discussion of how he has made his marriage work for 52 years and counting. 

"Isn't my wife a fox after all these years," he asked, pointing to a table of three lovely older ladies.  We agreed that yes, in fact, she was still quite a pretty lady.  We applauded his many years of marriage and giggled at his stories.  My favorite?  "You see, my wife there... well, she's got the Indian blood.  When I decided to marry her, I was told that I would never tame her.  Listen, I didn't want to tame her.  I just wanted to sit beside her and smoke her peace pipe."

When Boyd was winding down, he told us that he knew that we were probably wondering to ourselves when this old guy would leave us alone and let us get back to our lunches.  I assured him that this was not the case and smiled and laughed at more jokes.  I thought of my own grandpa the flirt and my grandma the babe and all felt all warm and fuzzy... at a McDonald's of all places!

"You girls keep smiling, dolls.  Don't ever let anyone take those smiles."
"Nice to meet you, Boyd.  Hope to see you again!"  I meant it.

Thank you, Boyd, you made my day.


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