Day 319- Women of SNL

I hung out with a bunch of old friends tonight- Molly, Cheri, Tina, Amy, Rachel, Nora, Ana, Julia, Laraine, and Kristen.  We all played and laughed and enjoyed one another like it was the ol' glory days again, and it was great to be back.  They were reunited for a special evening to entertain me on a "Women of SNL" special, and I was back on my couch laughing my buns off.

I used to be glued to the screen every Saturday night just waiting to see what they would think of next.  These women were absolute icons to me (and still are in many ways).  They were fearless and hilarious and I felt as if they had the most glamorous and wonderful jobs in the world.  For once, the women were valued for more than their looks (although many of them aren't too bad to look at either).  They are bright and witty and talented and confident and all-around amazing entertainers and women.

Tonight's show included highlights from the past thirty-five years of incredible women.  I got to see Mary Catherine Gallagher, the "Delicious Dish" hosts, Barbie WaWa and Barbara Walters, the "I'm 50!" lady, Mom Jeans, Roseanne Rosannadanna, Amy and Tina on "Weekend Update," Debbie Downer, and so much more.  The show started with a delicious parody of a "Real Housewives" reunion with all of the women, hosted by none other than Andy Cohen.  It was delovely and delightful.  Throughout the two hours of women comedic geniuses got Tom into his full on giggle and me into my silent laugh, and it was so nice to have the old gang back together again. 

I may have finally begun to give up the idea that I will be a featured lady player on SNL, but you better believe that some of these characters and impersonations will make their way into my classroom.

Thank you, Women of SNL, you made my day.


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