Day 327- Cee Cee*

Bad poetry time?  Hmm... ok.

Cee Cee is so nice in class,
with her hard work
she'll surely pass.

While other kids are causing riots
there she sits
all nice and quiet. 

Tonight while I showed Barnwell pride
I got to see
her other side.

This girl who keeps each sentence short
can run her very own
basketball court.

She dribbles, she shoots, she throws a great pass
is this really the girl
I see in class?

She's aggressive and she dominates,
to see her play
is something great.

She's like some kind of black and white cookie
or a lot of normal
with a little Snooki.

I like each and every side I see
of this wonderful girl,
the BA Cee Cee!

Thank you, Cee Cee, you made my day.


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