Day 333- Apple Cake

Trisha Yearwood, you did it again!

We've been lighting fall candles for the past few months because a. I am obsessed with fall and b. I love to have the delicious scents of pumpkin and apples and cinnamon wafting through our house.  Tonight the aromas are plentiful, and they have nothing to do with candles.  They're real!

It started with this...

Then there was a little of this.  Work it, spoon, work it.

Of course, there was a whole lot of this.  Don't spoil your appetite, Thomas.

Into the oven it went... that's when the delectable smells began to creep through the house.

Finally, voila!  It was ready to eat.  Just wait until I put on the special glaze once it cools :).

Trisha and I are pleased as punch to have made something so tasty from batter to bundt.  Tom may be slightly less pleased as all that batter settles in his stomach, but he's pleased just the same.

Thank you, apple cake, you made my day.


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