Day 334- Gwenyth Paltrow

At long last, Glee is really back.  Thank goodness!  After a few lackluster episodes and Gleepeats recently, it was truly a magical show again tonight.  Ahh...

Gwenyth kicked off the show with one of the first cd worthy tracks of the season.  It is a song that gets my feet a tappin' and one that I just can't help but sing along to every single time I hear it.  It's a song whose catchy bee boppin' melody does not match it's bent of out shape lyrics.  Glee cleaned up this Cee Lo track a bit to the more radio friendly "Forget You."  It was so much fun that it made me believe that it could actually be nice to say "F you!" to someone else.  It was so much fun that I may have watched it more than once.  In fact, I may be watching it again as I type... oh, what fun!  I may be doing the dance routine along with them now... not that I have it memorized or anything... including the robot...

Sue was her usual terrific, witty, amazing self tonight.  Having been "bested by Beiste," she had to find herself a new cause.  This turned into a crusade against tater tots.  What is it about tots that makes them so darn funny?

There were also a bunch of other fabulous musical numbers.  Mr. Shue and that guy whose name I can never remember showed off their Broadway chops in a spectacular song and dance number.  Rachel and Gwenyth brought down the house with a splendid Broadway duet of their own.  Can you say Chicago?  I say incredible.

Mixed in with all of the glitz and wonderment was a serious discussion of educational philosophy.  Holly and Mr. Shue explored the differences between the "cool" teacher and an effective teacher.  They raised all kinds of interesting ideas and points, and they also got in some great PSA quotable moments about the importance of the arts in schools.

The show concluded with a mash-up of "Singin' in the Rain" and Rhianna's "Umbrella."  I've never seen rain look so good.  I'm probably going to need to learn that dance number too, complete with puddle splashing and umbrella twirling.  I have a feeling this episode will hang out on my DVR for a little while.

Notable Quotables from this evening:

"I'm the cure for the common class." Miss Holly Holiday, the wacky and eager to please substitute

"Hoarders is great, but animal hoarders is better!" Sue and Holly in unison

"You know what this is?  It's broccoli.  When I showed this to Brittany earlier, she began to whimper, thinking I had cut down a small tree where gummi bears lived."  Sue

"Mr. Shue taught me the second half of the alphabet.  I stopped after M and N.  I felt they were too similar and got frustrated."  Who else?  Brittany!

"You know, William?  One thing I learned in my time as President--" Sue
"--Principal."  Will
"You can't force public opinion.  I pardoned you.  Sometimes you gotta give the inmates what they want.  You throw 'em a comb and hope they stop beating each other long enough to whittle it into a shiv."  Sue

"I suggest selling yourself on Craig's List under the heading of 'Men seeking men with butt chins.'"  Sue

Welcome back, Glee!  F you, Holly Holiday :).

Thank you, Gwenyth Paltrow, you made my day.


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