Day 346- Dog Nap

Dog Nap: Noun
  1. To take a short nap; doze lightly.
  2. A short sleep taken by Mama Bear and General when reunited after a brief holiday.

Origin: Ferri household, circa 2008.

Related words:

cat nap
sheep sleep

I am lucky enough at this point in my life to have two places that I call home.  When we head up to Michigan, we are going home.  When we head back here to Missouri, we are also going home.  Home is where the heart is, and my heart lives in two places. 

It was wonderful to see my family and to spend quality time at my Michigan home.  It was also wonderful to be done with our marathon driving today and to pull into our driveway.  We have worked our butts off to make this house a home, and it is a place that I love to come home to.  The real excitement, however, was seeing my little guy again.  Oh, how I miss him when we go away!  I'm always worried that General will be upset when we have to leave him behind, but he's such a nice dog that he never is.  He always sprints up to see us, does the full body wag, licks a bit, and picks right up where we left off.  Still, it is important to me to make him feel loved and secure, so I make it a point to spend quality snuggle time with him like I did when he was a puppy. 

General nuzzled up to me tonight and fell asleep right away.  I melted.  He usually tires of this after a while, but not today.  I had papers to grade and lists to make and all kinds of things to do.  Those can wait.  General and I shared a nice little dog nap and a perfect ending to a relaxing break.

Thank you, dog nap, you made my day.


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