Day 340- Done

I was such a good girl tonight.  I decided not to procrastinate and save things for later.  I decided not to let myself use the excuse that I have a long weekend coming up to put off work that needs to be done.  I got down to business...

...and I am DONE :).

I am collecting a project from my kids tomorrow that I will hopefully get graded over break.  Other than that, I am DONE.  I think only another teacher can appreciate the beauty of empty folders/boxes and understand what an incredible feeling it is to be completely and totally cleaned out of any kind of work that needs attention.  Sure, students will be turning in projects, and this moment is only fleeting.  However, the projects should be fun and easy to grade.  I already put the real work in on their rough drafts.

When I just had two sets of papers left tonight, I started to tell myself that maybe I could do them after school tomorrow or tomorrow night or... the thing is, I would have ended up staying up late on Sunday night to grade them, and I would have kicked myself all the way.  Instead of making that mistake, I worked a little harder and stayed up a little later today.  As a result, I am--

DONE!! :)

Bring on my only other day of school this week, Tuesday/Friday.  Bring on my five days off in a row.  Bring on my weekend of family, relaxation, and guilt free joy.  Bring on my favorite holiday and day of the whole year.  I am soooo ready for them all.  Why?

Yep.  Done.

Thank you, done, you made my day.


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