Day 328- Doggie Dress Up

A picture is worth a thousand words... three pictures are worth one day's blog.  These pictures speak for themselves (although I have provided some captions to speak for them as well).

Sup.  Go Blue!

Look-- I can touch my tongue to my nose just like my dad!

Um, did someone say no pants party? 

Tom was ditching his gym clothes for a shower tonight when he got an idea worthy of a six-year-old.  He decided that it would be funny to try his t-shirt on General.  I, of course, jumped on board immediately.  We've really never put General into any kind of clothing before, and we've never made him dress up for Halloween.  We let our son do his own thing, which means when we do pull stuff like this, he tolerates it.  He's such a nice little cooperater.

We literally got five straight minutes of laughter out of this one.  I believe that also equals five minutes of an ab workout (at least that's what my slightly sore stomach is telling me).  How I love my boys!

Thank you, doggie dress up, you made my day.


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