Day 344- RichRods

My whole family is heading off to watch the big game tomorrow at the home of one of Tom's friend's families.  The big game, of course, is Michigan vs. Ohio State.  It's only the greatest rivalry in college football, and it's probably the greatest and longest running rivalry in college sports in general.  You know, THE game.

Anyway... my parents decided that we would bring a tasty treat along with us.  These treats are 50% pretzel rods, 50% chocolate, and 100% awesome.  Once you top each one off with some maize and blue sprinkles, you have yourself a RichRod. 

We had an assembly line going to create these today after a few mishaps in the chocolate department.  I was in charge of the maize sprinkles.  I must admit that this was not my proudest Martha moment, as I was apparently "doing it wrong" according to others involved.  I think that my vast cooking/crafting talents must just be more specialized, and this project was not suited to them.  I did, however, come up with the delicious pun of a name to go along with the treat.  I will be looking into a copyright for this shortly.  My hope is that the game will go well tomorrow and that the actual RichRod will still have his job by the time I get my copyright.

Thank you, RichRods, you made my day.


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