Day 330- Call Ahead Seating

Tom has been anxious to try the new Texas Roadhouse down the road for a long time.  We'd drive by it on the highway as it was being built, and he'd always say, "Do you think they're open yet?  Do you think they're open yet?"

We finally made it over there last Friday, and Tom's tailed wagged furiously as we pulled into the parking lot.  After two swoops around the lot, however, we still could not find a spot.  Plus, there was a whole slew of people waiting outside.  We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings instead.

Do not fear... Tom persevered!  While we were deciding where to eat tonight, he had a fabulous idea.  If we were lucky, maybe... just maybe Texas Roadhouse would have call ahead seating, and we'd be able to give it the old college try tonight.  Their website confirmed this to be true.  Tom called, and we were off.

We found a parking spot after one swoop, and it was a close one at that.  We walked in through crowds of people (that's actually not an exaggeration), waited for a few minutes, threw some peanuts on the floor, and waltzed to our table in front of all kinds of people.  I felt the eyes burning into our backs as we jumped ahead of everyone sitting around us and just knew that they were all wondering how in the world we were already getting seated.  I was a little embarrassed at first.  Tom, of course, absolutely loved his VIP status.  He was probably shooting "in your face" looks back at them behind me.  With the first bite of the fresh-baked bread covered in cinnamony butter at our table, I was totally over the embarrassment and on board with our little arrangement.  Success!

Thank you, call ahead seating, you made my day.


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