Day 14- American Stroke Association and Rockin' New Year's Eve

I have been ringing in new years with Dick Clark for as long as I can remember.  The man is an icon. He was the eternal teenager for a number of years... even though he was the marker of another year in the record books, he didn't seem to age.  The stroke he had a few years ago changed all of that.

I feel a little sentimental watching Mr. Clark these days.  He is an amazing symbol of courage and has been such a wonderful example of perseverance.  His speech has improved a great deal since his stroke, and for an eighty-year-old, he sure is going strong.  However, it is still hard to watch the once eternal teenager be something completely different.  I hope that he has many peaceful and happy New Year's Eves to come, and I also hope that he retires and enjoys them with his wife.  Seacrest will take care of it.

I donated to the American Stroke Association in honor of Dick Clark today.  I hope that others can find inspiration in his fight.  


Speaking of New Year's Eve...

There are times when I love to be out on the town in a pretty cocktail dress ringing in the new year with friends and strangers and spirits.

There are other times when I just want to be at home with my family sipping cheap champagne from my parents' honeymoon "Passion Potion" glasses that I have been sipping champagne from for the last twenty years.  We had a lil' Outback, watched all of the New Year's shows (seriously... we went from BET to ABC to Bravo to NBC and back), and toasted with each other and the dogs at midnight.  That's how the Mierzwas do a rockin' New Year's Eve!  There will be other NYEs and other cocktail dresses, but this was just right for this year.

Thank you, Rockin' New Year's Eve, you made my day.


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