Day 41- Youth in Need and Rivalry Victory

I used to drive by the Youth in Need headquarters all the time on my way to and from graduate school.  Every time I saw it, I would wonder what exactly they did there, and one day I finally came home and looked it up.  Here's the answer:

Youth In Need is a nonprofit child and family services agency, headquartered in St. Charles, Mo. Through a variety of crisis prevention and intervention programs, Youth In Need is dedicated to building positive futures for the community’s most vulnerable children, teens and families.

Each year, Youth In Need serves more than 10,000 children, teens and families with residential homes, foster care case management, homeless outreach, counseling and support groups, education and infant, child and family development at more than 25 sites, spanning 100-miles, in six counties in eastern Missouri.

Youth In Need was founded by community volunteers, who opened the organization’s Emergency Shelter in 1974. It is through the generous support of community volunteers, business leaders and donors that Youth In Need has been able to continue its mission of believing in the power of potential.

I've been wanting to get involved with this organization ever since I poked around their website that first time.  For today, I think making a donation to YIN is an excellent way to honor my "original teens" from last year.  Next step?  Volunteering!
Great game.
Great threes.
Great "D"
Great clock management.
Great lead for almost the entire game.
Great WIN.  Ohhhhhhhh yeah!
Need I say more?  It was absolutely fabulous to cheer my Wolverines on to a rivalry victory tonight.  It's about time, boys.  Nicely done.
Thank you, rivalry victory, you made my day. 


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