Day 29- NOW Foundation and St. Chuck Shopping

How in the world might I connect some sort of donation to "SUV at a Four-Way Stop" from last year?  This one is going to be tied as loosely as a 4-year-old's shoe. Not funny?  Eh... I tried.

I went to for help.  This website lists all kinds of reputable charities and gives ratings based on a number of different categories.  Basically, it gives a lot of information to help a sistah decide whether or not charities are legit and worthwhile.  I put the key words "stop" and "right" into the search bar today, and I came up with a list.  Looking through this list, I found a real gem.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is one of the largest groups in the country to fight for women's rights.  They have one initiative that I feel especially warm and fuzzy about, the "Love Your Body" campaign.  It focuses on body image, addiction, eating disorders, and a number of other issues that affect millions and millions of women on a daily basis.  Many of these issues are near and dear to my own heart, and I am excited to have the opportunity to support an organization that supports and empowers women.

Since the Matzwas are here, we planned out some fun touristy things to do around town today.  However, since we got a late start (which I will admit was partly due to the fact that it takes me forever to work up to a shower sometimes on Saturdays), we had to revise and improvise a bit.

We went into the old downtown area to show Manda and Jason around and to have some of the best pizza around (according to the menu at Talayna's, they are THE best in the area... people voted, ya know).  When we realized how late it had gotten after lunch, we decided to stay downtown and wander through all of the cute little shops for the afternoon.  I've been wanting to do that ever since we moved here, but it seems as if there's always something else to do or the weather is bad or everything is closed.

We had a good time grazing through shops with all of the best food and snacks this area has to offer.  I was excited beyond belief to discover store after store with shelves full of chachkies.  I friggin' love chachkies.  Seriously.  Each of us came away from the afternoon with a little treasure or three, and it was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you, St. Chuck Shopping, you made my day.     


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