Day 21- Help the Children and Date Night for One

The Matzwas delighted me last year with "Fleecedo," and this year they delighted me with their choice of a charity.  They have selected the Help the Children organization for today's donation.  The mission of this charity is simple, clear, and of great importance.

Help the Children (HTC) is a nonprofit Christian humanitarian relief organization dedicated to help alleviate the suffering of children and their families throughout the United States and around the world. Help the Children’s mission is to increase self sufficiency by providing food, clothing, personal care items and medical supplies without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity. Internationally, Help the Children is committed to serving people with diverse cultural and economic strata. We strive to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical needs with Christ based principles.

This organization is near the top of most lists of the best charities in America, and their website is filled with information and pictures of the incredible work they do.  I am, as I said, delighted to make a small contribution today in honor of Amanda and Jason (and Maize and Blue... and the Fleecedo).

I don't really like being by myself.  This should be pretty clear, seeing as I am a chatterbox and I chose a career in which I surround myself with at least twenty people at a time.  However, I also pride myself on my ability to try to make the best of any situation.  So... when I knew I would be by my lonesome last night, I decided not to make any other plans.  I was going to have a nice little party for one.

Technically, I cheated a little bit.  I did hang out with Puppy all night, and he is quite a wonderful companion.  However, no other humans were allowed (well... after I got home from the school dance).  I ordered a pizza.  I watched my stories on Dateline and spent more time than I would care to admit gushing over the Kleinfeld bridal store in a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon.  I did puzzle books and read my People magazine and poked around on the computer.  It was a much more pleasant evening than I could have imagined. 

The only thing I neglected to do was--oops!-- the blog.  I fell peacefully asleep on the couch at who knows what time and didn't wake up to go to bed until 3 am.  I usually don't sleep so soundly by myself these days, but it must have been a pizza-wedding-gown-puzzle-computer-first-Friday-back-to-school-date-night-for-one-induced slumber.

Thank you, date night for one, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
See... it's not all bad being alone. (remind me of this next time I whine about being alone... because I probably will). Next time I'm home alone I should open up this blog and remember that it's not so bad. But I don't have a puppy, ugh! ;)

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