Day 37- Compassion International and The Opposite of Procrastination

Today required some creativity once again.  I was beyond delighted last year to experience crushed ice from our new refrigerator because I had never had that before.  I had only ever lived in places where I had to fill up the little trays and delicately balance them while waiting for them to freeze.  I was able to appreciate the crushed stuff that much more when I had my very own for the first time as a twenty-something.

I am fully aware that there are other kids that grow up wanting a whole lot more than some crushed ice.  (Is this transition working for you?)  I decided to donate to an organization that would help kids to experience so much more, Compassion International.

While we don't have the means to sponsor a child for the year on top of our other donations, we are happy to add our $5 to the cause today. 


It seems as if everyone always talks about how much they looooove lazy Sundays.  It seemed that way even more last year when I was working six days a week (student teaching Monday-Friday, HD on Sundays).  As everyone else was having a lazy day, I was beginning another week of work, work, work.

Although I have my weekends off these days, it's sort of silly to say that an English teacher every truly has a weekend off.  Just because I'm not at school does not mean that I am not working.  I know all of you other teachers of all different kinds of subjects are shaking your heads along with that one.

Since I had those snow days last week, I was able to get a lot done and unable to collect anything new that would take up time over the weekend.  I also practiced a little something I'd like to call "the opposite of procrastination."  I know that there is a much better way to say this (like productivity, for example), but I think it is important to reference procrastination because it is a habit I have practiced on and off for far too long.  However, yesterday I got the last bits of work done that absolutely had to be done. 

Today... at long last... I enjoyed a lazy Sunday.  Tom and I went to church.  We followed that with Gingham's, our favorite local breakfast place.  We watched movies.  We loved our dog.  We did laundry.  We got groceries.  We had a scrumptious dinner (I cooked, patting myself on the back).  Basically, we had ourselves a nice little Sunday, thanks to my "opposite of productivity" days leading up to it.

Thank you, opposite of procrastination, you made my day.


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