Day 38- Giving Children Hope and Lady Ballads

Last year we stocked up on supplies at Costco.  This year I wanted to find a way to get those same kinds of supplies to people who might really need them.  Today's donation was made to a charity called Giving Children Hope.  It is a four-star charity from that works to give disadvantaged children the things they need.

The website for this one is quite compelling.  It makes a lot of good points about the choices we make and the things we deem important to spend money on.  I mean, who doesn't throw around $5 for something silly every now and then?  The website compares these luxuries to the important services and supplies they could provide with your money instead ($5 latte vs. week's worth of food for a starving child, $25 night at the movie theater vs. malaria supplies for 78 orphans). 

When you look at it that way...

I like having company in the kitchen when I cook.  Sometimes when Tom asks what he can do to help, which is a beautiful thing in and of itself, I simply ask him to hang out with me while I prepare our food.  It's a nice time for us to chit chat and bond and dance and laugh and enjoy one another's company. 

At least once a week, this time also involves Tom serving as dj by taking and playing my musical requests.  He occasionally adds in his own (his current obsession is "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, and his forever obsession is "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" or anything by Journey).  Usually, though, he doesn't want to make any decisions, so I drop all the quarters into the laptop juke box and make my selections.

Tonight's playlist was like my own little Lilith Fair, featuring some of the most powerful lady ballads I could think of.  We're talkin' top of your lungs sing along kind of songs.  This included one of the best lady ballads (and songs, for that matter) of all time.  Thrice.  Perhaps more.  We were serenaded on repeat by Melissa Etheridge's "Come to My Window."  It's too bad that she was kind of a dog to her wife in real life, but girlfriend sure does know how to belt out a good love song.  I hate to say it, but if you disagree, you're just plain wrong.

Enjoy some Melissa on me, won't you? :)

Thank you, lady ballads, you made my day.   


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