Day 32- American Skin Association and New Computer

Last year's wacky dermatologist translates well into this year's American Skin Association contribution.  Here are the ways they explain themselves and brag about themselves on their website:

In the two decades since its founding, the organization's Mission has remained to...

•Advance research
•Champion skin health — particularly among children
•Raise public awareness about skin disease

Led by patients, families and advocates working with eminent physicians and scientists, the organization's Achievements include:

•Committed $7.4 million for dermatological research — historically one of the most underfunded areas of medicine.
•Sponsored scientific studies by over 120 gifted young investigators with the energy, drive and creativity to find new innovative ways to prevent, diagnose and treat skin cancer and disease.
•Provided 8+ million children in all 50 states with free school-based instruction in skin health and cancer prevention through such award-winning programs as The Skin You're In and The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy.
•Established a model laboratory at Weill Cornell Medical College, which today remains one of the finest research facilities of its kind.
•Distributed easy-to-understand information on improving skin health at no charge to countless Americans through the organization's publications, hotline, and website developed in collaboration with The Rockefeller University.
•Urged government leaders to support increased federal funding for skin research, which is today among the National Institutes of Health's lowest priorities.

Beyond all of these oustanding initiatives and accomplishments, this organization has received praise for the efficiency with which they run and the percentage of donations that actually go to the cause (and not to overhead costs).  I'm pleased to support their work today!


When Tom and I got back from all of our Christmas travels a few weeks ago, I was met with an unfortunate surprise.  My computer had mysteriously broken somehow and refused to turn on at all.  As addicted as I am to all things involving my laptop, this was an unpleasant discovery to say the least. 

The two of us have been sharing a computer for the past few weeks.  Anyone who knows my dear husband knows that he spends a great deal of time cruising mgoblog and vacation sites and web pages where he can build cars and other sites with funny pictures/videos of kittens and...  needless to say, my broken computer combined with his internet addiction have cured me of my own internet addiction over the past month.  I just hate to tear him away from looking at pictures of lunge exercises on the Self Magazine page to write my blog.  Haha... sorry, Shipoopi.

Now that I have finally gotten over my withdrawl symptoms, I am hopping right back off the wagon.  Why?  I got a new computer tonight... yayyyyy.  I'll be able to spend hours looking at the best and worst dressed from the Golden Globes and catching up on my correspondence and stalking people on facebook (c'mon, don't act like you don't do these things too).  I'll hopefully also be able to spend a little extra time on more quality blog posts and on my writing in general.  It's time to make time for that book I've been thinking about writing for the past three years... hopefully this is a to be continued situation.

I'm thankful to have the means to replace my computer (and a husband who would just assume support me getting a new laptop to fuel my addiction so that I will stop bugging him about his). 

Thank you, new computer, you made my day.


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