Day 42- Refugees International and 80's Day

When I looked up "Thai" on (as in "Pad Thai" from last year), only one result popped up.  Luckily, it was a good one.  After visiting the website for Refugees International and poking around, I decided that it would be a great choice for the charity du jour.

Refugees International works to help refugees and displaced people in a number of ways.  The organization focuses on six main issues:

1. Neglected Crises
2. Return and Reintegration
3. Peacekeeping
4. Internal Displacement
5. Statelessness
6. Climate Displacement

...and here's some important info from the site.


Refugee crises left unattended threaten stability around the world. There are 41.2 million refugees and internally displaced people and 12 million stateless people living in limbo without citizenship rights. People forced from their homes by conflict are among the world’s most vulnerable and they all have individual stories of loss, heartache and survival.


Timely responses to refugee crises can increase stability in a region before the conflict spreads across borders. Due to our efforts, abandoned refugees receive food, medicine and education; displaced families return home; peacekeepers are sent to protect displaced people from harm; and stateless people obtain legal status.

I have been excited about 80's Day for quite some time.  Sometimes I think maybe I was supposed to be a teenager during the 80's.  I love the music, the movies, and, obviously, the fashions.  I can do big hair.  I dig denim.  The whole decade is workin' for me.

I proved all of this by going all out today.  I'm pleased and lucky to work at a place where lots of other people are as gung ho for dress up days as I am, and the hallways at our school were a good time today!  I think the kids were lovin' the whole thing... just maybe not quite as much as we did ;).

My favorite quotes from the day...

"Today you look like every girl I used to stare at in high school." JA (only you could say this to me without sounding creepy... haha)

Me- "What's with the looks, guys?"
My students- "You're fun to look at today, Mrs. Ferri!"
Me- "Hmm... I think that's probably a really nice thing to say."

I'm rallying for a 90's Day now.  Oh, the possibilities...

Thank you, 80's Day, you made my day.


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