Day 28- Missouri Botanical Gardens and Three Day Weekend

                                                                 Botanical Gardens, 2009

If you ever need to take a little time to stop and smell the roses, the Missouri Botanical Gardens are the perfect place to do it!  Since I wrote about the show "Parks and Recreation" on this day last year, I thought it might make sense to donate to one of my favorite parks in the area.

The Missouri Botanical Gardens are truly spectacular.  There are a wide variety of different types of gardens and colors and areas and plants and a million other things to catch your eye and hold your attention.  There is no way I can do justice to the beauty of this place with words alone.  We even enjoyed strolling around one summer in 100-degree heat.  Gorgeous.

I hope everyone gets a chance every now and then to take a deep breath of fresh air scented with sweet perfume from thousands of roses.  The whole thing just kind of makes a dozen seem silly.

For information that will convince you to visit this magical place (and for information about donating, of course), visit the website!

I know we just got back from break, but this is a tough part of the year.  In many ways, we teachers start all over again with students-- we set goals, we establish our expectations, we have to do what we can to motivate students once again (or for the first time) and so much more.  In other ways, we have finally gotten to the sweet spot of the year where we can hit our strides with students at full strength.  They get a chance for a fresh start with a new quarter, but we restart the year with a knowledge and comfort level with the students that wasn't there on our first day back in August.

In any case, it is fantastic to get a little mini break in the middle of it all.  We can just add it to the list of all of the amazing things Martin Luther King, Jr., gave us.  Because it is a three day weekend, I'm not even mad.

I'm not even mad that the day started out a little rough healthwise because I know I have all weekend to recover.
I'm not even mad that I stayed late after school to show my classroom to the Matzwas after their flight got in.
I'm not even mad that I cooked on a Friday night instead of our traditional dinner out because I was cooking for my sister and her husband.
I'm not even mad that I have things to do and papers to grade because I'll have fun all weekend and take care of everything else on Monday.

I'm certainly not mad that my sister and brother-in-law will be here all weekend hanging out and my husband has Monday off with me.  This should be a fabulous three days we have ahead of us!

Thank you, three day weekend, you made my day. 


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