Day 17- KaBOOM! and The Bachelor: Redemption

I had a whole bunch of wonderful coworkers at Home Depot, and Dina was no exception.  She was one of the store managers who really made it a point to get to know the people who worked around her.  She was funny and fair and kind and personable and knew just how to make me laugh at the end of a loooong shift last year (see Day 17- 2010 style). 

I'd like to make a donation in her honor to one of the important charities that Home Depot supports.  Dina is not only an exceptional manager; I also witnessed her being a fabulous mother, so this organization is really a twofer for her. 

Today's donation was made to KaBOOM!  This is an organization whose mission is "to create great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities."  Their ultimate goal is to build a place to play within walking distance of every child in America.  How awesome is that?  What KaBOOM aims to do is to create solutions to all kinds of existing problems.  By "saving play," they hope to develop healthier (happier!) children, greener cities, stronger neighborhoods, and better schools.  Those are all things that I feel pretty dang good about supporting.

Beyond monetary donations, there are all kinds of other ways in which you can support this organization.  Check it out!


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is baaaaaaaaaack!  Tonight I had the pleasure of combining my sporty and girly sides in a fun game of flip-back-and-forth-during-commercials between the Orange Bowl and The Bachelor: Redemption.  Yes, we have DVR, but we were able to effectively work out a system in which we could keep up with both programs at an almost live kind of pace.  Yes, we are still watching the Orange Bowl, and YES, we are hoping that there is some sort of resolution to our football coaching situation to follow not too long after today so that we can stop speculating and talking about the madness.

I have other important things to speculate on now that The Bachelor: Redemption has begun.  That redemption part is not offically in the title, but I added it, and I like it.  It's certainly a step up from The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.  This season promises to be... wait for it... the most dramatic and controversial season EVER!  Brad Womack is back to hot tub kiss his way through another set of ladies in the hopes of finding a wife.  The difference this time is that he better find himself a wife (or at least pretend to) for a long enough time that fans forget about him and he doesn't get scalped by a raging mob.

I thought this choice to bring Brad back was kind of annoying at first (and I do realize that I should pretend to be ashamed that I have an opinion on this subject at all).  At the time, I was still gushing over poor Chris from Boston who had lost his mother and had his heart ripped out by Allie and hoping that he'd get a little more screen time.  However, I now think that Brad may be a genius move.  People are always questioning the track record of the show because it has failed to produce a whole lot of the true love it promises each and every season.  The producers know that this Brad guy owes them a tick mark on the positive side of the statistics, and they're ready to cash in. 

It's hard to pick just a few highlights from tonight's episode because clearly if I am enough of a loser to watch in the first place, then the whole episode was probably a highlight, right?  Even though the show and these women go against every feminist instinct I have, I just can't help myself.  It's way too entertaining.  How can you blame me?  A woman showed up with fangs tonight.  FANGS.  And Brad kept her!  There was the classic "I'm not here to make friends" girl who will inevitably prove just that by becoming the villain of the season.  She will probably end up in third place.  I'm pretty sure I picked out Love at First Sight Girl already too (the one who will be sobbing in the limo next week about losing the great love of her life after having spent a total of 30 seconds with him).  Another woman waxed Brad's arm.  He kept her too!  There were also, obviously, the TMI girls.  There's just no way around loving them and the laugh out loud value they bring to the show.  I'm sorry, Hillary, Condoleezza, and Gloria, you're just going to have to allow me this one simple guilty pleasure.  I'll have to put on my pantsuit and exercise my right to vote on some other days that aren't Mondays featuring The Bachelor: Redemption.

Thank you, The Bachelor: Redemption, you made my day.


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