Day 39- PAWS and School!

I know I've already donated to PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) once this year, but today was General's turn to chose, and that's what he wanted.  He told me that he will forever be thankful to them for saving his life, and he couldn't possibly think of a better place to send money to in order to save more puppies like him.  I really can't argue with him on this one. 

I am thankful every day to PAWS for rescuing General and for letting us adopt him.  He brings a great deal of joy to both of our lives and a great sense of safety to mine as well.  I can't wait to see him at the end of the day, and he never fails to show me that this feeling is mutual. 

We'll be adding more to the PAWS fund today in honor of our dear General Ferri.  Woof woof!

I can't wait to adopt from them again to bring home a buddy for our General.  I was thinking this would be nice sooner rather than later (with this pretty little lady, but Tom told me no... all one thousand times I have begged him... as soon as we get a fence (which may be at this house or not until the next one), I'm sure he will say yes. 

After five days off, I was ready to go back to school today.  Two of those days were the weekend, two of those days were probably necessary, and yesterday I really just wanted to have a job and something to do.  I know that may sound whiny/dorky, and I was truly thankful for those relaxing days off.  However,

1. My students are in the middle of reading a novel.  I warned them ahead of time that even if we had a snow day, they would still be responsible for the scheduled reading each day.  This was fine for the one snow day we had earlier in the semester.  However, I had no idea what kind of situation I would be walking into with this many days off in a row.

2. I may or may not have gotten a little stir crazy, and I may or may not have watched more Lifetime movies than any one person should ever watch in... well, a lifetime.  I was pretty sure that someone was stalking me in order to steal my identity and take over my life while someone else was plotting to steal my unborn children while blackmailing my husband because of some kind of past scandal.  Someone involved in this whole thing was also probably a secret call girl or had a brother involved in some type of illegal behavior that would come back to haunt the whole family.  Are you convinced yet?

It was actually nice to wake up this morning to no no school announcement.  School!  I had a productive day with my kids, and-- shockingly!-- many of them even did the required reading over impromptu winter break.  It's so nice to be back again... even if I change my mind about this whole glad to be back business tomorrow ;).

Thanks, school!, you made my day.


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