Day 36- Community SeniorServ and Spring Break Booking

I found one of my favorite movies of all time on this day last year.  I think no matter how many movies I see in my lifetime (which is actually not all that many lately, but I'm sure will increase once again), Up will forever remain one of the best.  I'm not sure I can think of many other movies with the same high laugh/cry ratio.

In the movie, the relationship between the elderly man and the young boy is vital in both of their lives.  The boy teaches the man how to feel young again and how to live his life with independence and dignity.  I wanted to find a charity that would honor this idea today, and by golly, I found one :).

"Community SeniorServ's mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families by creating a safety net of health, nutrition and supportive services designed to enhance their independence, well being and dignity."

I think one telling sign of a society is the way in which it treats all of its citizens, especially sometimes those of the senior nature.  I am honored to try to provide a (small yet hopefully significant) means toward a positive end for the elderly today.


Today has been all kinds of wonderful for me.  I got to spend a full and relaxing day with my husband... I have missed him dearly.  I'm on my way out the door in a few to spend time with some great friends.  Before you go thinking I am a bad wife for deserting Tom so soon after he is finally home, I'd like to assure you that he is pleased as can be at the prospect of a night full of video games.  When I come home, he will hold up his gaming claw of a hand and smile, I'm sure.  There's something that has made me-- us!-- even happier than all of these things, though.

Technically it is cheating a bit to say that we booked our spring break today because we booked it late last night.  However, the thrill of it all has not subsided one bit.  We haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon over three years ago, but we have been craving one ever since then.  We finally pulled the trigger last night, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it.

We'll be spending a week this spring in Mexico sipping things that make us silly at the pool or on the beach.  We'll spend our evenings at one of many gourmet restaurants at the resort.  Then, we'll take walks and hang out at one of the little Bachelor-worthy nooks set up all over the hotel.  We will laugh and relax and spend uninterrupted time together without the distractions of our daily lives.  We'll even have the added bonus of coming back as better looking golden brown versions of ourselves.  Ahhhh...

Is it March yet?

Thank you, spring break booking, you made my day.


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