Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 45- Smiley Syrup

Tom opened you
and giggled with glee.
I asked why he was laughing
"Just wait, and you'll see."

He handed you over
and I opened the spout.
Then I giggled too
"That's what the fuss was about!"

There, on your top, in the silliest place
Carved into red plastic, a smiley face.

Thank you, smiley syrup, you made my day.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 44- Carolyn Whalen

Carolyn once told me that she was the only girl at her high school to ever get a detention while she was in detention.  If I remember correctly, I think she said she was whistling.  Classic Carolyn.  No matter how old we get, I think I'll always picture her this way.

Carolyn is one of those people who brings fun with her wherever she goes.  She's also one of those kinds of people who is so distinctive that everything she does can be labled with "Yeah... that's classic Carolyn."  I met her when she lived on the same hall as some of my friends in South Quad during our sophomore year of college, we bonded over trashy reality tv (remember "Frat Life"?), and we have been friends ever since.  We logged more hours than I can count on the couch watching "Law and Order: SVU" with our roomies, traveled to a Rose Bowl, took a scary history class together, played enough Power Hours to add up to a week, enjoyed months of hot dogs and Carolyn's special Chicken Patty Parmesan (classic Carolyn), went sledding in the Arb on tupperware lids, and so much more...

Today I was delighted to hear from my old friend, not once, but twice!  The first time was in the form of an itinerary for what will hopefully be an amazing Arbor reunion during Spring Break.  This included items like 

"Rebecca tucks Katy and Carolyn into bed and plays them a peaceful tune on her piccolo to put them to sleep." 
"– in transit entertainment to be provided by Katy’s mixed tapes."
"– entertainment to be provided by Jessi in the form of interpretive dance" and
"Carolyn presents a powerpoint presentation on the history of the modern telephone."

Classic Carolyn.  I can't wait!

I also got a text message from Carolyn to inform me that one of our college friends was hired to be The Situation's bodyguard at a Pontiac club.  Once I finished laughing, I thought to myself- you guessed it- classic.

Thank you, Classic Carolyn Whalen, you made my day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 43- "Kyle"

Kyle* is prancing around the back of the class with another (female) student's gym pants on over his clothes.  He usually spends study hall bouncing around and doing anything he can to avoid doing homework. Today, however, he has been quite studious.  Not only is he completing all kinds of work, but he has been doing it quietly and without being distracted by his classmates.  Until he puts on the pants...

Me: Kyle, what in the world are you doing?
Kyle: I've been so good all day.  I got almost all of my homework done.
Me: I know, I'm so proud of you!  You've really been doing a great job.  Did you just need some attention now?  Is that what this is?
Kyle: Yeah... yeah, I think you're right.  I feel better.  Back to work.
Me: Maybe this could work out well.  You just get to work every day, and let me know when you need to stop and take a little break for attention.
Kyle: Agreed.  Like my sweatpants?
Me: Love the sweatpants.  Now finish your homework.
Kyle:  Ok.

And he did! 

Thank you, Kyle, you made my day.

*name changed to protect the privacy of my student :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 42- Pad Thai

This morning I forgot to get the chicken out of the (sparkly new) fridge to thaw while I was at work.  Oops.

Luckily, this mistake turned into a wonderful opportunity for some QT with my husband over a heaping plate of pad thai.  Who knew there were actually Thai restaurants in the depths of the Midwest?  If this is the way things turn out, I may have to learn to be a bit more forgetful!

In all honesty, even though I had a fabulous evening, this temporary forgetfulness will probably just lead me to a more vigorous schedule of detailed list making and intense checking off sessions.  That will bring me joy too.

Thank you, pad thai, you made my day. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 41- Original Teens

There was a time in my life when the most important thing to me was simply fitting in.  I was embarrassed all the time- to be smart, to be skinny, to stand out, to be different.  All I wanted was to look like everyone and be like everyone and blend in with everyone.  When my eighth grade English teacher called me up to the front of the room, congratulated me on getting perfect scores on all three English finals, told me I was special, and hugged me, I almost died right on the spot.  It wasn't until a few years later that I could fully appreciate what a wonderful moment that was.

I think of this often as I navigate my way into teacherdom.  I don't want to embarrass my students, but I hope that I will find a way to show them how unique and special they each are- and what a beautiful thing it is to stand out and to be different (for the right reasons, of course).  Surely this is a lesson I will take to heart as I brave the job market this spring.

I saw a poster today in the theater teacher's classroom that said, "Be yourself.  An original is always worth more than a copy."  How great is that?  All day I noticed students who did just that-  my loud little 3rd block darling in her yellow pants, the popular boy who admitted to everyone that he's actually enjoying Romeo and Juliet, Little Miss Rock Band with her raspy voice and eclectic style... I could go on and on.  The courage of these kids to simply be themselves is nothing short of admirable.  I hope their peers will take notice and learn as much from them as I do.

Thank you, original teens, you made my day.    

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 40- Painted Toenails

Painted a color with a name like teak rose or plum seduction
May seem silly
When stuffed into winter boots or covered by thick socks,
Having hidden
From half of the fall and all of the winter.
Who will enjoy them, after all?

I will, of course!  Score one more for the small things.

Thank you, painted toenails, you made my day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 39- General Ferri

Spending every day with lots of freshmen and other high schoolers has a way of making my life quite unpredictable (usually wonderfully so).  However, there's one thing I know I can count on each and every day.  When I come home and open the door, my adorable puppy will be waiting on the other side with his tail wagging so vigorously that it makes his entire body move. 

Today Tom worked from home, and General was outside running around when I got home.  When Tom heard me come in, he ran to the door to let the dog in to greet me.  General was so excited to see me that he yanked his chain out of the ground and sprinted in the patio doors with the whole thing dragging behind him.  Love.

Even though we still call him a puppy, General is actually now a two year old 60 lb. dog.  He's growing up so fast!  We spent his first few months training him, but he will spend the rest of our lives training us.  Pure joy and unconditional love. 

Thank you, General Ferri, you made my day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 38- Costco

Sometimes good things come in small packages...

... but there are other times when good things come in large packages- really, really large packages.

10 toothbrushes? Check.
72 cans of Mountain Dew? Check.
25 full-sized "pig ears" for General?  Check.
18 rolls of paper towels? Check.
36 rolls of toilet paper? Check.
250 dryer sheets and 2 gallons of laundry detergent?  Yup, check.

My cup is way more than half full and so is my basement.

Thank you, Costco, you made my day.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 37- Crushed Ice

I knew I was getting a bit older (and perhaps a wee bit wiser and maybe more mature) when I was beyond excited for us to forgo gifts to each other and buy a new refrigerator for Christmas this year.  Our old fridge came with the house, and I had to scrub it for a few hours when we moved in before I would even think of putting anything in it.  After living here for a few months, we realized that the freezer part had seen better days.  Much better days.  Anything that was deserted in the freezer for more than a week grew ice crystals large enough to sink the Titanic.

We had the fridge delivered first thing when we got home in January, and we have been enjoying it ever since.  It is pretty and has lots of shelves so we can see everything and stay organized.  I am still excited just thinking about it.  One of the features I have come to love the most is one I didn't even realize I had been missing out on before.

Ice, ice baby!

While we didn't choose the model that can make snow cones (how amazing would that have been?!?!), we do now have the option of cubed or crushed ice on demand, and we can get water filtered through the fridge.  This may seem commonplace, but I have never lived with anything more than good old fashioned cubes from trays that I had to fill and balance gently in the freezer.  This icemaking is nothing short of magical.

Today I enjoyed crushed ice in my water at breakfast time.  And again while watching the basketball game.  Again in my beloved Mountain Dew at lunch.  And Tom's Mt. Dew this afternoon.  And again in more water.  And again, and again, and again. 

Thank you, crushed ice, you made my day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 36- Up (the movie)

(Just) 10 (of the million) Things I Adored About Up:

1. It was both heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time.  We giggled until we had tears in our eyes, and then we got real tears in our eyes.

2. The cone of shame.  "Now you must wear the cone of shame."
                                   "I do not like the cone of shame."    

3. A love story, created with just a few words and some animated characters, that rivaled The Notebook.

4. Russell.  Oh, Russell.  Everything about Russell.  And Kevin.

5. The idea of the magic that exists when you step out into the world.

6.  Dug the dog.  "My name is Dug.  I have just met you, and I love you." 
                          "Yes, I do! I so ever do want the ball!"


8. The other love story- between an old man and a young man and a talking dog and a crazy bird...

9. Did I mention I laughed (a ton) AND cried (just a little bit)?  Sometimes at the same time?  The Ellie badge?  Lovely.

10. Every single other little and big thing.  What an absolutely beautiful in every way possible movie!

Thank you, Up, you made my day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 35- Scented Goodbyes

Driving up to the daycare, I would have to coach myself in order not to cry.  My sister didn't cry.  Only the little kids cried.  So, I taught myself a trick.  My dad would give us both a big hug as he deposited us each morning.  I figured out that if I hugged him long enough and inhaled just right, I could keep the smell of his after shave lotion with me, at least until the bus fumes erased it, sometimes longer.  This scent kept me safe and protected long enough to make friends and navigate this new daycare world.  After that, it was just a daily reminder that my dad was always with me.


My mom had a white bottle of lotion with a turquoise cap and matching little turquoise squiggles all over it.  She used it often, especially on hot summer days when she came in from gardening and had to scrub vigorously to remove the day from her hands.  Afterwards, she'd slather on the lotion.  I have no idea what the scent was or how to describe the smell, but it was wonderful.  It smelled like Mom.  Sometimes I'd sneak into her bathroom on school days in the dead of winter to steal a bit of lotion.  The scent would linger on my hands even after the first washing, sometimes two, as a reminder that my mom and her sunny summer days were with me all day too.


Now that I'm up for work every morning at the same time as Tom again, we get to spend a few minutes together before we go off into our own little worlds for eight hours.  I cherish this time, even though I'm annoyingly perky to my husband at such an early hour, and he takes entirely too long in the bathroom.  This morning I realized that there's one important thing I can accomplish before the sun rises.  I hugged my best friend tight, inhaled just right, and kept him with me on the drive to work.

I really do believe that God gives us little reminders each day to count our blessings and to be thankful for the people we hold close to our hearts.  The trick to finding them is simple.  Just look.

Thank you, scented goodbye, you made my day.    

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 34- 1968 Romeo and Juliet

Classic play.  Classic movie.  Classic one-liners from students.

In reference to the cirlce dance scene "Oh... they're dancing?  I thought they were just doing a slow series of soft fives.  You know, like high fives but gentle?"

"This is about to turn into a dance battle!"

"Ewww Romeo is a creeper." Repeated by at least one girl per class.  Apparently "creeper" is in.

Student 1: "Ooh, is that Zac Efron?"
Student 2: "No, this movie was made in the 60's."
Student 1: "Still... I swear it's him.  It looks just like him.  Are you sure?"

"We're going to have to fast forward through the honeymoon scene a bit so they don't focus on the wrong parts... if you know what I mean... a little of this from Romeo... and I think Juliet shows a little of that."
(My CT)  

Thank you, 1968 Romeo and Juliet, you made my day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 33- Timer

If today was the first day of the rest of my life, then I'm excited :).  I had a lovely first day of student teaching.  The highlight of the day?  The timer.

My CT (cooperating teacher) is relaxed about letting our students leave the classroom when they need to.  She doesn't hassle them about going to the bathroom, their lockers, or the drinking fountain as long as they don't abuse this privilege.  Unfortunately, they have been abusing the privilege.  Her solution?  The timer!

She brought in a small digital timer today that was previously used for speeches.  Each time a student asked to leave the room, my CT set the timer for two minutes and started it as soon as the student crossed the threshold into the hallway.  Little by little, this became a game.  Students would cheer each time one of their peers made it back on time.  Others, usually known to dawdle, were rushing to beat the all time record.

What did I learn in school today?  I learned how to turn a classroom management issue into a fun classroom activity.  I can't wait to try out my pedometer with the kids once I take over!

Thank you, timer, you made my day. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 32- Dr. U.

In a perfect world, I would have beautiful unblemished skin.  In my world, I have some mild acne, the occasional suspect mole, and a hilariously eccentric dermatologist.  Sounds about right, eh?

I was sitting in the exam room today as he rambled on with a long explanation about something, ending with "So here's what we'll do..."  He then proceeded to leave the room for five minutes.  When he came back, he was rambling again, this time about a patient who they had tried to admit to the hospital for some rare disease that turned out to be chicken pox.  He just couldn't believe those folks at the hospital couldn't recognize a good old case of the chicken pox when they saw it. 

Instead of being ticked off like all of the aggravated people I saw in the waiting room, I was oh so amused.  What a character this guy is!  Plus, he saved me a bunch of money on prescriptions.  Listening to his stories earned me a great hourly wage. 

Thank you, Dr. U., you made my day.

Student teaching starts tomorrow :).  Stay tuned... I have a feeling this is about to get interesting.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 31- Michigan Basketball

When I was a little girl, I met Chris Webber, and it was one of the major highlights of my young life.  It was before the infamous time out, the even more infamous cheating on Tyra Banks business, and the not-even-infamous-because-it-erased-his-record-at-U of M-altogether Ed Martin scandal.  No, this was the Chris Webber of yore, my childhood hero.

What I should tell you is that I didn't just meet Chris Webber.  You see, we found out that he was coming to speak at my basketball camp, so my mom decked me out in Michigan gear from head to toe.  Chris spotted me in my full Michigan glory during his talk, called me up to the front, told everyone how wonderful it was that I dressed for his visit, put his arm around me, and took a picture with me that ended up in our local newspaper (my aunt later made this picture into a t-shirt for me).  While other little girls were swooning for JTT, I swooned for Chris Webber.

Imagine how heartbroken I was, then, when the Fab Five came crashing down.  The disappointment continued through the series of failed coaches, NCAA sanctions, and losing seasons that followed.  The worst part of it all was that the passion I had once seen on the court and beyond from our teams had turned into indifference.

Until now.  Last year Tom and I were lucky enough to get to go watch our boys play in the Big Dance in KC, and that experience rivaled the Chris Webber meeting in my bank of Michigan basketball memories.  What fun we had!  Watching the team work their way into a win in the first game was quite rewarding as a fan.  Even though we lost the second round game, we drove home feeling energized and excited about the future of our program.  Michigan is on its way back!  Tom was also excited because he got on tv.  With the sign I made.

Today was a continuation of that feeling.  Even though it has been a so so season, our team has given the fans something to get excited about again.  Today we upset UConn in a battle, and boy did that feel good!  The announcers and many other people questioned why the students rushed the court after the game.  Was it really that big of a deal, after all?  Yes.  It was a big deal to those who have not forgotten how to appreciate the small things- a hard fought win at a pivotal point in a season.  It was a big deal to those who like relentless defense and three pointers and scrappy steals and players who play for their team (not for a major NBA contract).  It was a big deal to the guys working hard on the court to bring back the integrity of a program that has had its share of shame and disappointment.  It was a big deal to the little girl who got to meet Chris Webber all those years ago, only to lose her hero to a timeout and a scandal.

If the NCAA can erase all those memories of the Fab Five and the glory days, maybe John Beilein and his teams can erase all the memories that followed.  

Thank you, Michigan basketball,  you made my day. 


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 30- Movie Theater Popcorn

Another horrendous poetry tribute :)

Ode to Movie Theater Popcorn (the real thing)

I never can decide which size
For my stomach is smaller than my eyes
You leave big grease spots on my pants
Yet I can't help but do a happy dance...
when you're around.

You are one of my favorite things to eat
Without you a movie would not be complete
Even when a film is oh so bad (or makes me feel all mad or sad)
With you I know fun will be had...
by all.

Sometimes you get stuck in my teeth
And that is not so nice
But then I just remind myself
I get to enjoy you twice!

No, you won't create world peace
Or cure disease or end a war
But you can make me happy
And that I'm thankful for!

Thank you, movie theater popcorn, you made my day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 29- SUV at the Four Way Stop

A simple gesture of human kindness.

Two cars approach  a four way stop and roll up to their respective lines at exactly the same time.  One car is turning left, the other going straight.  The car traveling straight flashes its lights, as if to say "After you, ma'am."

I smiled as I turned left. 

Thank you, SUV at the Four Way Stop, you made my day.   

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 28- Parks and Recreation

"What are you looking for in a man, Leslie?"

"The brains of George Clooney in the body of Joe Biden!" Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)

Joe Biden, really?  Classic.  Loved it :). Next step- George Stephanopolous!

Thank you, "Parks and Recreation," you made my day.


  • Michael Buble is engaged to the girl in the video.  See what a positive attitude did for him?
  • Vogrich is officially my basketball boy.  He sunk some key shots tonight when we needed him, and I expect big things from him in the future.
  • I've already gotten my Wii fit age down to 23, despite the brownie sundaes, Ash :)
  • Taylor Swift's "I Had the Best Day..." continues to make many of my days.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 27- Vanessa Wolfe

I won't even pretend to be embarrassed that I watch American Idol because that would be insincere.  I am a sucker for that show- the sappy back stories, the triumphs of the seemingly unlikely stars, and the heartwarming realizations as you watch the dreams of others coming true.  I know, I know, I'm a cheeseball.  What can I say?

I have been a bit disillusioned the past few seasons because it seemed as if image and looks were becoming more important than talent or passion or growth.  Luckily, the judges put through a contestant tonight who was a throwback to what I love about the show.  Her name was Vanessa Wolfe, and she had it all.  She was preceded by a touching back story about her life as a trapped small town girl who just wanted to do something bigger and better.  She had a fantastic country voice.  She had a dream and a passion for what she was doing.  And, when the judges put her through to Hollywood, she said "I get to go on an aeroplane?!"  Ahhh... flashbacks to Kellie Pickler.     

Honorable Mention: Jermaine Russell, the singing police officer, and the "Pants on the Ground" song

Thank you, Vanessa Wolfe, you made my day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 26- Brownie Sundae

A few Haikus

Heaven in a bowl
Two halves of a flawless whole
Brownie, meet ice cream

Cool vanilla cloud
floating on a chocolate square-
my stomach smiles

Ebony and ivory
United, a perfect world
If only in a dish

Thank you, brownie sundae, you made my day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 25- Yoga

Southern Living's 35 Comfort Foods


Holiday food baby


I have never been one of those women who is constantly worried about whether or not I am/I look fat.  This is probably because I have been blessed with a wonderful metabolism and because I spent my formative years playing sports and worrying about being too skinny.  As my metabolism slows and my food baby grows, perhaps I should begin to concern myself a bit more with being healthy and getting into shape.

Today, in a cruel twist of fate, I was delivered the Southern Living Comfort Food issue (complete with a super stack of pancakes dripping with butter on the cover) and my Victoria's Secret Swim Preview 2010 catalog (complete with a perfectly tanned and toned model on the cover).  As I frantically looked back and forth from one to the other, desperately trying to reconcile how I could have the best of both worlds, I realized I had already found my solution earlier in the day- yoga!

I had my first real experience with yoga today, compliments of Wii Fit Plus, and I loved it.  I say "real" experience because I sort of tried it once before in college, but everyone was taking it so seriously that I spent the whole time laughing at how silly they looked in their solemn downward dogs.  It was totally different today, just my animated trainer and me trying it for fun.  I loved every minute of it.  I was stretching muscles I had forgotten I had, clearing my mind, breathing deeply, and amusing my dog.  At first, the know it all training lady told me that I was stiff, but we quickly warmed to one another.  By the end, she was complimenting me left and right to the best of her cartoon ability, and we were both having a jolly time. 

While I will never look like a Victoria's Secret model, I am confident that this yoga business will help me feel adequate in my VS swimwear.  More importantly, it will be a fun little activity that will help me put down the stick of butter to do something good for myself.  Heck, I may even start talking about things like my "core" and "zen" while doing tree stands... or not.

Thank you, yoga, you made my day. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 24- Taylor Swift

The sweetest thing I've ever seen...

I'm thirteen now and don't know how my friends could be so mean
I come home crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys
And we drive and drive until we found a town far enough away
And we talk and window shop till I forgot all their names

I don't know who I'm gonna talk to now at school
But I know I'm laughing on the car ride home with you
Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay
But I know I had the best day with you today

Have you ever heard a song that made you think to yourself, "Self, I could have written that!  The songwriter must somehow have access to my thoughts."  I think that just about every time I hear a song by Taylor Swift.  The girl has a heart of gold, the pipes of an angel, and the soul of someone with much more wisdom and experience than she could possibly have at twenty years old.  I have adored her since she was just a little singer/songwriter that no one had ever heard of before.

I found her video for "I Had the Best Day with You Today," and now I adore her even more.  This song and video could just as easily be about my life and my mom.  Taylor creates art that puts me in a good mood, speaks to me, and touches my heart.  I dare you to watch the video and not feel moved/shed a few tears/fall in love with this girl all over again.  How is it possible for one person to be so dang talented, cute, and humble all at the same time?  She really must have a good mom :).

Thank you, Taylor Swift, you made my day.     

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 23- Green Lights

Today I was in a major hurry between my Praxis test and work.  I had gotten up extremely early to be on campus with plenty of time to spare.  Unfortunately, the test didn't start until almost an hour after our report time, meaning that by the time I picked up lunch to share with my sick husband and got home, I only had a little over an hour before I had to leave for work.  Ick.

On the way home, something magical happened.  Somehow, some way, nine of the eleven stoplights on my way home were green.  NINE!!  I have never experienced such a long stretch of uninterrupted driving on my return route from class.  It was amazing.  I was cautious through the first few lights, thinking they must be broken or something.  By the third or fourth light, I cranked up my radio, spent some time with my thoughts, and enjoyed the ride.  Once again, a simple little thing completely turned my day around.

I had a lovely lunch with my husband, left for work smiling, and had my green light grin plastered on my face for the rest of the day.

Thank you, green lights, you made my day.   

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 22- Friends "The One with the Routine"

I have to take a standardized test tomorrow .  It is expensive.  I have to pass it for certification.  No pressure, right?

I'm not a big fan of standardized tests.  Although I don't totally choke on tests, I always believe that I am smarter than my scores.  When given the opportunity to write an essay or give a smiley presentation, I do much better at showing my capabilities.  Tests send my stomach churning.  I picture my insides looking like a dryer full of clothes tangling with each other where someone forgot to check their pockets and there's a chapstick banging around wreaking havoc.  All kinds of frenzy. 

After spending a couple of hours taking a practice test today and earning the usual ok but not sensational score, I needed something to take my mind off this test business for a while.  Luckily, I have about thirty episodes of "Friends" DVRed from our few weeks away.  I was absolutely delighted to find that among these episodes was "The One with the Routine."

In this episode, Monica and Ross get an opportunity to dance on the pretaped segment of "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve."  They have always dreamed of this moment.  As the time nears midnight, they desperately try to come up with an idea or some moves to get them onto one of the main platforms that will ensure them some on camera time.  Then, they remember it-- the routine!

The Routine

Oh, how I adore this!  It takes me back to the days when my sister and I used to make our own routines.  We had all kinds of routines choreographed to our New Kids on the Block cassette.  I remember one in particular to "The Right Stuff" that rivaled anything those Emmy nominated choreographers on "So You Think You Can Dance" might create.  We started out with our feet spread shoulder width apart, our backs to the crowd, and our heads down in deep concentration.  As the song began, "Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh" we'd spring around smiling and pointing at our adoring fans and really knock their socks off. 

I also remember a dance contest we created with our cousins to see who could come up with the best routine to "Runaway" by Janet Jackson (which ended in a tie, as we all voted for ourselves) and countless synchroized swimming routines conceptualized and performed in my grandparents' pool (which inevitably ended with someone squirting water out of her mouth like a fountain).

Given a Monica and Ross type chance to perform one of these routines today, you better believe I'd stand proudly next to my sister and dance my heart out.  Somehow I feel as if the odds of being given that chance have just increased...

Thank you, "Friends" and your routine, you made my day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 21- Matzwas

Fleecedo: noun

  1. A tuxedo like outfit made entirely of fleece
Origin: Amanda Mierzwa (creator of word), Jason Matson (creator of outfit), circa 2010

Related words:
Canadian tuxedo (noun)
guido tuxedo (noun)

Sample Sentence: Dang, Jay, you look fly in yo fleecedo!

Thank you, Matzwas, you made my day.

Day 20- Michael Buble

Even though I am an eternal optimist and I LOVE love, I am also a sucker for a good breakup song. One of the first I can remember listening to over and over was obviously "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morisette. I had never experienced a breakup at the time, or any kind of relationship, for that matter. What I did know was that, as bitter and nasty as it was, this woman was singing with emotion and honesty. She really meant what she said. She really hated Uncle Joey's guts.

I can think of a million breakup songs I've latched onto since then, regardless of what was happening in my own personal life. "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, "How Far" by Martina McBride, "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban, "Stay" by Lisa Loeb (wasn't this every girl's anthem at one point or another?), "The Winner Takes it All" by ABBA, "Picture" by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, I could go on and on...

Even though I am now a happily married woman, I still have a soft spot for a heartfelt breakup song. One of my favorite songs of the moment is "I Just Haven't Met You Yet," by Michael Buble. This is not your average sad/angry/angsty/heartbroken/I got dumped and I'll never get over it kind of song. Instead, Michael simply realizes that he just hasn't met the woman of his dreams... yet. It is so sweet and cute and hopeful and full of optimism for future love. If I were in a place in my life where I made killer breakup cds like I used to, I would file this song in as the happy ending after I had sung my lungs out to "Since You Been Gone" and "I Will Survive." This song made me smile for each of the twenty plus times I listened to it today :).

And Somehow I Know That It Will All Turn Out
And You'll Make Me Work So We Can Work To Work It Out
And I Promise You Kid I'll Give So Much More Than I Get
I Just Haven't Met You Yet
The music video is terribly adorable too.

Thank you, Michael Buble, you made my day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 19- Shepherd's Pie

Meat? Mmm... check. Mashed potatoes? Check. Corn, carrots, and peas? Check. Slightly browned bubbly cheese crust? Ohhhhhhhhhh check.

Other than a drooly couch nap under a blanket, I can't think of many things that would be more satisfying on a frigid day like today than a hearty meal.

I made you, but

Thank you, shepherd's pie, you made my day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 18- Cell Phone

You are ugly, but you were free.
I hoped you would be good to me.
You are not a lovely sight
But you can call and text and write.

Remember when you didn't work
Not here, not there, not anywhere?
Remember how I couldn't find you today?
You gave me quite a scare.

I looked for you all over the house
And enlisted the help of a helpful spouse.
Then I checked my car, the garage, a parking lot
but- alas!- I could find you not.

Yet, there is a happy conclusion to this awful rhyme,
For there you were the whole dang time
Nestled smugly on the garden department floor
Of my friendly neighborhood Home Depot store.

Thank you, cell phone, you made my day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 17- Dina

"20 minutes. Jessi, call your husband and tell him you're comin' home! Unless you want to run home after that Mountain Dew, that is..."

"Jessi, stop straightening things, put down the Dew, and go home."

Apparently pop at night makes me a hyper hypo and heightens my need for obsessive compulsive straightening. My boss helped me to realize this by pointing it out. At work. Over the loudspeaker.

Thanks, Dina, you made my day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 16- My Own Glorious Bed

Two months.
Las Vegas.
Silver Spring.
Washington D.C.
Terre Haute, Effingham, Indianapolis, Markle...
Ann Arbor.
San Antonio.

St. Charlesssssssssss! The past two months have been an absolute whirlwind and an opportunity to spend QT with so many peopole I love :). That being said...

Even though we haven't been reunited just yet, I know my bed and I will enjoy a very good night's sleep together tonight. For that reason, it's only fitting that I say...

Thank you, my own glorious bed, you made my day.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 15- Comfy Lounge Pants

The perfect complement to weeks of holiday eating? Comfy lounge pants! (phrase copyrighted by Tom Ferri, 2006) Not only do I enjoy wearing comfy lounge pants, I enjoy lounging with others comfortably as well. There are a million lovely things you can do in such pants... too many to list for sure.

Instead, think about the things you can't do (or wouldn't usually do) in comfy lounge pants. Work in an office. Go to the dentist. Give a presentation. Eat dinner with people you don't know very well at an expensive restaurant while making awkward conversation and worrying about how to politely only pay for your portion of the check at the end. You get the picture.

Maybe my quality of life would be even better if I lived by the comfy lounge pant philosophy. An activity is only worth doing if it could potentially be done in comfy lounge pants. This is not to say that I would have to donate all my other pants to charity and only wear comfy lounge pants. Rather, I am simply suggesting that I could wear them to do all of the activities worthy of my time.

For now, I will enjoy what's left of my last day of Christmas vacation in my flannel spaceship pants watching football, eating ice cream, and lounging comfortably with people I like.

Thanks, comfy lounge pants, you made my day.