Day 25- Yoga

Southern Living's 35 Comfort Foods


Holiday food baby


I have never been one of those women who is constantly worried about whether or not I am/I look fat.  This is probably because I have been blessed with a wonderful metabolism and because I spent my formative years playing sports and worrying about being too skinny.  As my metabolism slows and my food baby grows, perhaps I should begin to concern myself a bit more with being healthy and getting into shape.

Today, in a cruel twist of fate, I was delivered the Southern Living Comfort Food issue (complete with a super stack of pancakes dripping with butter on the cover) and my Victoria's Secret Swim Preview 2010 catalog (complete with a perfectly tanned and toned model on the cover).  As I frantically looked back and forth from one to the other, desperately trying to reconcile how I could have the best of both worlds, I realized I had already found my solution earlier in the day- yoga!

I had my first real experience with yoga today, compliments of Wii Fit Plus, and I loved it.  I say "real" experience because I sort of tried it once before in college, but everyone was taking it so seriously that I spent the whole time laughing at how silly they looked in their solemn downward dogs.  It was totally different today, just my animated trainer and me trying it for fun.  I loved every minute of it.  I was stretching muscles I had forgotten I had, clearing my mind, breathing deeply, and amusing my dog.  At first, the know it all training lady told me that I was stiff, but we quickly warmed to one another.  By the end, she was complimenting me left and right to the best of her cartoon ability, and we were both having a jolly time. 

While I will never look like a Victoria's Secret model, I am confident that this yoga business will help me feel adequate in my VS swimwear.  More importantly, it will be a fun little activity that will help me put down the stick of butter to do something good for myself.  Heck, I may even start talking about things like my "core" and "zen" while doing tree stands... or not.

Thank you, yoga, you made my day. 


Anonymous said…
Yoga is so great for the body, mind, and spirit. :) I started taking pilates just before Thanksgiving 09 and forgot about muscles I too use to use. It's much more 'ballet-ish' so it's a perfect fit for me. Now I'm taking group reformer classes (the machine they use for pilates) and absolutely love it. Goal: to push this baby out as easily as possible when the time comes. :) No need to jump on the fitness bandwagon - just do it for yourself and to be healthy. :)


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