Day 15- Comfy Lounge Pants

The perfect complement to weeks of holiday eating? Comfy lounge pants! (phrase copyrighted by Tom Ferri, 2006) Not only do I enjoy wearing comfy lounge pants, I enjoy lounging with others comfortably as well. There are a million lovely things you can do in such pants... too many to list for sure.

Instead, think about the things you can't do (or wouldn't usually do) in comfy lounge pants. Work in an office. Go to the dentist. Give a presentation. Eat dinner with people you don't know very well at an expensive restaurant while making awkward conversation and worrying about how to politely only pay for your portion of the check at the end. You get the picture.

Maybe my quality of life would be even better if I lived by the comfy lounge pant philosophy. An activity is only worth doing if it could potentially be done in comfy lounge pants. This is not to say that I would have to donate all my other pants to charity and only wear comfy lounge pants. Rather, I am simply suggesting that I could wear them to do all of the activities worthy of my time.

For now, I will enjoy what's left of my last day of Christmas vacation in my flannel spaceship pants watching football, eating ice cream, and lounging comfortably with people I like.

Thanks, comfy lounge pants, you made my day.


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