Day 39- General Ferri

Spending every day with lots of freshmen and other high schoolers has a way of making my life quite unpredictable (usually wonderfully so).  However, there's one thing I know I can count on each and every day.  When I come home and open the door, my adorable puppy will be waiting on the other side with his tail wagging so vigorously that it makes his entire body move. 

Today Tom worked from home, and General was outside running around when I got home.  When Tom heard me come in, he ran to the door to let the dog in to greet me.  General was so excited to see me that he yanked his chain out of the ground and sprinted in the patio doors with the whole thing dragging behind him.  Love.

Even though we still call him a puppy, General is actually now a two year old 60 lb. dog.  He's growing up so fast!  We spent his first few months training him, but he will spend the rest of our lives training us.  Pure joy and unconditional love. 

Thank you, General Ferri, you made my day.


Marlene said…
Hi Jessi, Just found your blog and love it. I have now added yours to the 25 or more I now visit everyday. You are such a positive and happy person and I'm so glad Tom found you and has you in his life everyday. Stay gold. Aunt Marlene Hoelscher.
Lisa said…
Is strange that this made me cry? Love it.
Jessi said…
Haha not strange at all! Is it strange for me to say I'm glad I made you cry? Perhaps a little bit... Can't wait til we meet again :)

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